scam of the century | things i’d rate a 0/10 [ part 02! ]

kuroo is in the featured image because of clickbait. but anyways as promised, here is part 02 of the things i’d rate a 01/0!

  • being a black belt in karate but then getting beaten up by a junior, specifically someone in a yellow belt or blue belt
  • making a collaborative playlist with your friends and hoping it will be a good bonding activity but instead they add only 3 songs and you’re stuck there with the 300 songs you added as a hope that they’d add 300 more🤡🤡
  • having a really good comeback or sentence in your mind and the moment you get distracted or diverted, you totally forget about it😭😭

  • knowing the emotion and feeling but not being able to conjure up the right words and phrases to express it
  • having multiple areas of interest but being unable to choose between them // or going completely blank when someone asks you to choose just one
  • no notifications when you open an app [ idk why it but it disheartens me a lot but even 1 dm // notification keeps me going for the rest of the day i have no clue lol ]
  • when you click on a dm on instagram and it says “ xxx liked your message” when you were instead expecting a long ass paragraph
  • when you pour your heart and soul out into a mf google docs but then your wi-fi goes out and you close the docs without saving it
  • no nut november [ it had to be said i am not sorry wohooo ]
  • when you rapid type like 3849202 words and when you look back on the passage to read it out and you find a million typos and in that moment you suddenly wish you didn’t exist anymore
  • getting friendzoned😭😭
  • when you wait all week for your favourite webtoon to update but then the author says there’s no update for this week
  • people who hate cats [ this is a joke ofc, but why? ]
  • dogs that pee right in front of your parking spot
  • people using abbreviations you have no idea about [ especially ihnc, it took me ages to figure that out ]
  • spotify “upGRadE to PrEMiuM🤪🤪” ads

anyways that was it for post 02!! this week has been pretty good overall and i’m done with tokyo ghoul. it was such a whirlwind oh my god. offlate i’ve also been getting so much maths homework and that’s another thing i’d rate an absolute zero out of 10. also before i go, ihnc stands for i have no clue😌😌 how apt.

suffering from success
asic signing off,

19 thoughts on “scam of the century | things i’d rate a 0/10 [ part 02! ]

    1. OMG WAIT kuroo’s birthday and that was a coincidence but like- timing on point😌😌😌 omg ikr one of my friends hates cats so much i’m this close to beating him up and making him see why cats always remain superior😩

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  1. Oh my god, forgetting a really good comeback mid sentence or phrase is by far the worst thing to ever happen. Closing a document you worked so hard on without saving……I can’t even begin to describe the pain experienced 🥲

    Another annoying thing that happens is that when you re-live the same argument in the shower, all the epic roasts flow out of your mouth so easily (while your shampoo bottles are just questioning why they’re even here in the 1st place).

    Great post as always, asic! I enjoyed reading and relating to it a lot ❤

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    1. HAH IKR especially when you’re in an argument and you get this amazing phrase that would destroy your enemy but then you forget it- pain level 10000
      ahaha the document thing– experienced and re-lived through it again😭😭😭

      OMG IKR re-living all those moments in the shower ITS LIKE YOU READ MY MIND😭😭😭 the shampoo bottles are prolly judging me and all my life decisions everytime i do that🤣🤣🤣 ahh thanks for reading!!!!!

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  2. Abbrevationsssss, Spotify ads, not getting words to express, and forgetting a killer line or phrase. All of this is me as well!!!
    As for saving one, I always double check before closing and incase wifi goes I take pics. 😜
    Very relatable post ^_^ 💜💛💚

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