scam of the century | things i’d rate a 0/10

hi!!! how have you been? welcome to a normal, angst-filled post, totally not inspired by anything going on in my life😌😌also yes i just realised that the cover image for the previous 10/10 post shows scam of the century while the category is that time when.

i am a malfunctioning non living thing confirmed.

things i’d rate a 0/10:

  • physics class [ especially when its first period ]
  • when you have an hairline fracture but its in your dominant hand and you have literally no idea how you’d function if you hadn’t learn to write with your other hand [ for my fellow lefty folks 🫂 ]
  • books with absolutely bad, horrid endings
  • forgetting the unlock password to your phone
  • purple prose.
  • “k-pop idols are human”— and my dog is a dog. your point? ( i get that some idols like jaehyun and suga are so breathtaking it’s unreal, but apart from them, its a fact that idols, people, me you we all are human😭😭)
  • when you open up to someone and they say “oh ok.” “its just a phase” and other stuff like that.
  • disappointing music releases
  • when your text is the last one in a group chat or in a server and then you’re just sitting there randomly waiting for someone else to reply😭😭
  • when your favourite apps start malfunctioning
  • when people spell your name wrong. N-I-K-I-T-H-A even after i’ve said it clearly in the first sentence. its not that hard to pay attention to simple things, you know?
  • snapchat. [ none said ]
  • instagram not having an add to story feature from your laptop [ i get that the post from web feature just rolled in, but adding to stories from your laptop would be a gamechanger ahh ]
  • forgetting the lyrics to your favourite song and then you’re just standing there with this clueless expression on your face
  • saying something utterly embarrassing in front of a huge crowd of people without thinking and then you wish for the ground to swallow you up and throw you into oblivion

a-a-and thats it for this post!! this one was a bit short because there’s obviously a part 02 coming up, so feel free to send in other ideas and things that irritate and anger you. this and the upcoming posts are all about taping into that bottled up angry- energy right?😭😭

anyways i hope you enjoyed this post, because as usual, i had a lot of fun writing this!

suffering from success
asic signing off,

17 thoughts on “scam of the century | things i’d rate a 0/10

  1. Ugghh, Physics is terrible 😭😭 And yes, people spelling your name wrong too, even when you’ve already corrected them. And when you realize that the actors who play your favorite TV show characters are actually human and then realizing that the magical world was never real and all just made up because ugh, everyone loves to dream 😭 (I think that kind of made sense?😅) And also coming back to reality after being lost in a fantasy world for so long that you forgot it isn’t where you exist?
    I love this post so much, cannot wait for part 2!

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    1. OMG YES THIS COMMENT IS EVERYTHING😭😭 i can relate and even after you correct them they think they did nothing wrong😭😭 omg the actors one was so true it was me with every single show and movie ever, when the realisation dawned on me i was like WHAT?? yes it made a loot of sense i can relate so bad😭 ah thanks for loving the post, part 02 is almost ready!💕

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  2. yess while I love math and chem, I hate physics with a passion. Yay fellow lefties unite!! while I haven’t had either of my hands fractured, I don’t know what I’d do without a functioning left hand. omg don’t even get me started on the incorrect spellings of my name. “Rachel” is an American name, and here in India I’ve heard and seen ALL possible mis-pronounciation and wrong spellings lol

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    1. oh i hate both maths and science but i’m really glad you enjoy math!! i used to like until i reached high school lol😭 omg you’re a lefty too?? yay!!! ahh omg lmao that sucks, esp when it happens all the time😭😭😭 i can relate ❤


    i mean, physics class as the first period. Something I definitely don’t want to have(but it is in my schedule anyway). And purple prose, I get what you mean.
    This was hilarious, you’re way too funny for me!
    Cool post!

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