that time when | things i’d rate a 10/10 [ part 02 ]

hi and welcome back to part 02 of the things i’d rate a 1010!! without much ado, let’s get started~

  • going back to the music you once loved and then getting lost in the memories of your past and the things you used to enjoy back then
  • a satisfying pinterest feed.
  • spending a while drawing and then the drawing actually coming out good. so for a while or so you’re just stuck there staring at your art and being like “woop did i just draw this??😭😭”
  • cats or dogs randomly coming over and rubbing themselves against your legs
  • tall people. virtually the whole world because i’m kinda short.
  • tsukishima moments in haikyuu [ he’s the main character, no hate to hinata he’s a cute ball of orange hair i love him but tsukki hits different ]
  • which brings me to my next point, yamaguchi and tsukishima moments especially when yamaguchi calls him tsukki😭😭😭 i can feel my heart bursting
  • spending time doing something you like and then when you look up at the clock you get shocked by the amount of time that has passed.
  • carrying your cousin (bc i am a single child LOL) on your back and feeling like a cool big sister lol
  • the smell of the ground after it’s rained— it smells really dew-y and when you take a deep breath you feel like the main character

  • which brings me to my next point, main character and scenario playlists on youtube. slowed and reverbed. rock remixes of slow songs. joonpiter. lofi at 4AM, lofi at 4PM- virtually any type of lofi playlist ever
  • dark chocolate. any chocolate ever
  • writing wrap-up posts and then feeling like the month hadn’t gone to waste and that you actually got a lot of things done
  • people feeding you things without trying to stuff everything down your throat😭😭
  • kim taeyong and park jimin’s fashion sense
  • having a 3 people k-drama group where you just third wheel the couple because it feels good😌
  • people randomly dm—ing you on instagram, or discord and then saying they loved your writing and blog😭😭 IT WARMS MY HEART STOP-

anyways, that was part 02 of the things and feelings that i’d rate 10/10. as i’d mentioned like two posts ago, my exams got over last month and so we got a week of holidays (which i feel wasn’t enough, but aha anyways-). my holidays ended yesterday, it’s a monday today, and school has started. again. thankfully it’s online because right now i’ve become way too accustomed to listening to music during classes and offline school is a nightmare for me😩

i’m also currently on season 01 of tokyo ghoul and its waaay more gore-y and jumpscare filled than i expected it to be, but overall it’s a pretty amazing show. don’t even get me started on the bae material that is ken kaneki😩😩😩😩😩

i also went out for a walk yesterday and it feels very nice to walk with the breeze hitting your face and all that jazz. i’m also currently reading the girls i’ve been by tess sharpe and its such a powerful book- i’m not even going to say more because once i start gushing about it, i don’t think i’ll ever stop😭😭

that was it for today’s post, and i hope by this you had your daily dose of some serotonin hehe

suffering from success
asic signing off,

11 thoughts on “that time when | things i’d rate a 10/10 [ part 02 ]

  1. ah the smell of the ground after it’s rained is amazing 😩 Also dark chocolate is definitely the superior chocolate ,it’s just so so goodd. This was such a fun post to read ,really enjoyed it!!

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      1. the training arc is >>> and NOOO that question makes me second-guess myself every time😅 i have a soft spot for kageyama and hinata because their whole dynamic duo thing is just too good. i have to admit that i am a bit of a kuroo simp though (partly because he has a gojo’s voice ahahaha). and your faves are tsukki and yamaguchi right???

        Liked by 1 person

      2. ahaha the lightning fast duo thing has me sold too and ahh kageyama is so loveable idk why😭😭 omg the voice similarity bwn kuroo and gojo- i never noticed that until now omgg😭😭 yes i love tsukki and yamaguchi ssjsdk i simp for tsukishima so hard pls😩

        Liked by 1 person

      3. omg tsukki in s3 was a different breed honestly omg i cannot get enough of him in s3😭😭 omg yes kuroo- pls him and kenma, i simp for both of them, there’s never a way out of here, is it?😭😭

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