keep strugglin | ranking my old wips based on their valour and excellence

what’s a wip? what do they have to do with valour and excellence? just as the title states, i’ll be ranking my old wips (work-in-progress aka books i wrote/ left empty) based on their valour and excellence😌 this is a different post compared to some of the other posts on here hehe

i did this first as a post on my other instagram account, so you can check that out if you need a referral hehe


  • this one was actually quite promising because i’d got it to a 1000 pages
  • the only catch was the font size, which was 50 something💀💀
  • okay, so the main characters name was something like zoe lightsaber?
  • or was it nightshade?
  • anyways, she was a total icon and it’s truly disheartening that i am utterly unable to remember anything memorable at all
  • she and that other guy- he wasn’t that great so i don’t really remember his name
  • but it was cool
  • the plot was pretty straightforward too, although the writing was a little cringe
  • i think i started this one in the summer of 2020 and i’d written little backstories for each of the characters
  • it actually had potential for more because if i was still editing this then you’d be looking at the draft zero of a sci-fi x dystopian best-seller


  • this was non fiction and more like a memoir
  • AHAHA the thought of a then 13 yr old writing a memoir makes me crack up
  • but boundaries are meant to be broken
  • this had some good stuff but then again, it was ✨cringe✨
  • loveholic had some hardcore angst, so if you like that type of stuff, you’d like reading loveholic
  • i loved the concept of this and everytime i rant in my notebook or to my friends i always think about writing it down as a draft of loveholic
  • so maybe this isn’t entirely a mess after all??!!
  • memoir+rants+rambles


  • this was actually my version of a bonnie and clyde re-telling
  • it’s still an on-progress thing so that’s why i’ve listed it as a wip
  • although the only thing in progress about this is the fact that i’ve only got the concept down, nothing else
  • frankly speaking though, this was kind of a romanticized version of all the guys i liked and how i’d end up with them if i controlled fate ahaha
  • if you’re able to ignore my previous statement, then maybe you’d like reading golden??
  • i really like bonnie and clyde and although i do not condone their actions, their stories // the things they did provide for amazing artistic inspiration hehe
  • so in conclusion, this was a re-telling with action and romance
  • no gore because i have decided that i do not want my audience to be exposed to that


  • i never got to finish this one lol because i never finish a wip
  • i’m very indecisive that way
  • i had a whole notebook dedicated to this actually
  • and yes i HANDWROTE everything in this
  • a lot of blood, sweat and tears were put into the making of LIT and it’s a pity that it won’t probably ever see the light of the world lol
  • this was mainly a historical and political fantasy
  • talk about writing in every genre heh

⛈city lights⛈

  • i saved the best for the last bc YES this exists !!!
  • im still writing this but the last time i even opened the document was like a week ago
  • but once i get my life in order i will get to writing this !!!!!!!
  • the main character was supposed to be this girl called ara lee but since i don’t really relate much to ara i found it super hard to write her
  • and so i’m working on a new main character who i can have rather easy time writing and i can think like
  • but i liked ara lee a lot too
  • she was a pain in the ass too but we don’t badmouth our own characters here hehe
  • this was young adult and #ownvoices–another reason why i changed the main character from ara to *insert name here*

okay !!! so that’s it for todays short post!! i hope you had a fun time looking at all of my wips and laughing at my expense💀💀

comment down below which wip you would read because then it would give me motivation to open up the dreaded google docs and write it down hehe

one like= one word on the wip of your choice

asic signing off,

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