dazed days | august wrap up;- a month that flew away without actually flying

i think i say this with every month that passes me by, but august went by really fast. this month i voraciously lived through a sinus of books, movies and dramas. but as you go through my blog shouldn’t all of that be obvious already???

🎤watchlist and fulfilment🎤

what i watched this august:
  • penthouse season 3: dude don’t even get me started as to why i’m watching this again- like ep 11 left me shaking dude this show, i-
  • law and order, special victims unit: this comes on my tv everyday and i watch this while studying // in the afternoon and this show is just a 100/10
  • DC legends of tomorrow: another great show, nothing about this is incomplete, literally the best thing ever
  • nevertheless: i didn’t include a picture of this because of wordpress’s limit but this show is pretty ok-ok, slightly disappointing. the lack of plot is depressing and nabi is such a weird protagonist?? i’m not able to vibe with her. i don’t think i’ll continue watching this unless i have more time
what i’m going to watch this september😌
  • vincenzo season 01: i can’t wait to simp over mr song joong-ki
  • love alarm season 02: season 01 left me on a cliffhanger and i know season 02 is going to deliver
  • hospital playlist season 01 and 02: i’ve heard great reviews about this so i’m really excited to start it !!

📖TBR recovery📖

i read nothing this month except for my science textbook, history textbook, geography textbook, civics textbook, politics textbook and 2L textbook.

TBR has officially been recovered but we’ll work harder next month

🔐life and lies🔐

i had a week of back-to-back exams but it wasn’t as stressful as the first one. i really think this was because i’d already given a set of exams at the start of the year so this slightly prepared me for how challenging it would be. this is still pre-midterm though, midterms would start in about two months~

august as a whole wasn’t the best but every month has its problems. i have more hope for september because there’ll be less exams and more enjoyment. i also have tons of ARC’s from netgalley to read, shows to watch and time to waste, so practically nothing can go wrong.

let’s drink to the start of a new chaos !!

asic signing off,

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