sic gang awards | some of the best study tips

this post is very in-tune with whats going on in my life these days. yes, you read that right! i’m going to be having my second round of exams very soon. in exactly 48 hours from now i’m going to have officially finished my first exam, which happens to be science by the way (in case you were interested).

it’s going to be a gruelling week of back-to-back exams! in today’s post, i’m going to be steering away from my comfort zone, which is basically writing about music // things that don’t really relate to studying and instead pushing it to something i’ve never tried writing about before!

i genuinely like the whole studygram part of instagram because if it wasn’t for some of those amazing accounts, i would never have scored so high on my last exams.

#1 | pick the mode; vero moda

  • vero moda in french means “fashion truth” (and yes that was a reference to the fashion brand vero moda as well). just like vero moda means fashion truth, find out your study truth.
  • how do you study well? when do you study the best? what time of the day is it where your remaining two braincells work? where do you feel your best while you read through pages and pages of the cell diagram? why do you seem to like this subject more than the other?

figure out the answers to all those questions. find your truth.

#2 | work less, achieve more

this tip is for last minute crammers like me. this happened to me once, i’d started studying chapter 02 of this mind-blowing science chapter and i was hefty 10 pages into it when i re-checked the portions and found out it wasn’t on the list 😦 F in the chat for me.

the main takeaway of this tip is to know what you are studying. to make sure you are studying the correct chapter, please double check the syllabus before you open the thick stack of books and start grinding!!

#3 | animedoro

  • or pomodoro, whichever floats your boat !! in animedoro (or pomodoro) you (traditionally) split your time into 30 minutes- 25 minutes to study // work and the remaining 5 minutes to take a break. this isn’t the only thing though- you can (and should) modify the time lapses so that they fit your needs.
  • In the case of animedoro lets say an anime episode that i’m watching is like 15 minutes- i’d most likely work for 45 minutes straight and then watch the anime episode as a form of break leaving in some time in between.

i’m currently reading the jujustu kaisen manga and i find this tip especially helpful when i want to get through the gruelling process of drawing a cell wall and labelling all its parts while wanting to simp over sukuna

#4 | narcissus

  • narcissus in greek mythology ( and in the pjo books lol) was this guy who fell in love with his reflection, with himself. i’m not saying you have to fall in love with yourself to study well- NO WAY LOL. what i’m saying instead is, you should alter your study methods to things you like- let’s say you prefer walking around and using flashcards instead of writing notes down in a huge notebook- do it instead !!
  • annotating and making personalized notes // connections with the things you are studying also helps.

if remembering all the presidents // prime ministers of your country feels like a pain in the ass, try to mix them up and relate them to things or people you know– if some prime minister always wore a black cap wherever he went and one of your friends has a morbid obsession with black caps, relating this to that always helps!

#5 | show off the ropes

this is just a masterlist of stuff i like to use when i study;– this is basically like a virtual study space which has backgrounds and sceneries from almost all part of the world. they also have live tours of places like oxford university, and study with me backgrounds too- from hows moving castle to medieval europe!

quizlet– this is super good if you like using flashcards to jog your memory. you can make your own flashcard sets, as well as use sets created by other users on the platform~ i like using this for vocabulary and for remembering time-periods~

playlists– yes!! make playlists of songs that you like listening to while studying, or songs that give you feel good vibes~

and then go to work!!!

having 495905 tabs open with 220442024 battery charge with food next to you and no one who makes noise at home wont help if you don’t actually work !! so if you have something intellectually challenging coming up, start working towards it!!

study well hehe

asic signing off,

3 thoughts on “sic gang awards | some of the best study tips

  1. My, what a techie young thing you are! And, I assure you, I mean that as a compliment. I loved your anime illustrations. I had a student this summer make an annotated list of anime items to use to motivate eighth graders she was preparing to teach. I wished I was in her class so I could learn about anime! I soooo enjoyed your post and am sure you did well on your exams, Hon.

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