dazed days | july wrap up; it’s slow but on going!

i think i say this at the start of every single wrap up, but i’m feeling it this month more than ever. every month in 2021 has been pretty laissez-faire for me, but july somehow seemed to outdo the feeling of laziness more than the other months.

🔖TBR recovery attempt: slow but on going;🔖

i’m very happy to say i started reading the young elites by marie lu and as i finished the first book, i came to this very obvious conclusion: no other author ever does it like marie lu. i’ve always found myself enjoying every single book she’s ever put out- the legend series, warcross, the sample of skyhunter and now the young elites- any book, just name it.

there’s something so amazing about her writing style, it’s so grippy and exciting that even the most mundane of scenes really pull you into the story and leave you gaping. like, “OMG DID THAT JUST HAPPEN OMG.”

📜sic gang awards📜

this month i posted a total of 2 posts🙃

💢drop your coins for the karaoke💢

july was also a very good month for me in terms of music and entertainment. but then again, isn’t every month a good one for entertainment😌😌

jungkook went LIVE and i’m so happy to say that for the first time in the history of me being an ARMY, i got a notification from vlive at the right time!!! the amount of euphoria (pun intended) i got from merely just receiving the notification is just unexplainable.

music in july was just impeccable, like wow. i don’t think all of the songs i listened to were released in july but nevertheless, i had quite a fun time vibing.

MONTERO is obviously a very good song and so i’ll be taking no criticism about it.

BAD HABITS– see i’m nowhere close to even being an ed sherran fan, but the song is pretty good though. i like the chorus but not the 100 ads i keep getting related to it.

i liked permission to dance and dynamite, but butter hits different. i like the whole vibe of the music video, and the video direction and transitions in the MV were also slightly different from what BTS usually incorporate in their videos. so it was nice to see different elements of videography being utilised in their MV’s as well~

🏝life and lies🏝

first off, i finally stepped out of my apartment to go to the mall and I FELT SO GOOD T_T. genuinely though, going to the mall made me feel like i was alive again?? the world was twirling???? that my phone screen wasn’t fooling me??? anyways, it felt very nice to go to the mall after a long time and it made me feel better too 😀

july marked my first batch of exams getting over and while i screwed english up, i’m lavishing in the fact that i got a perfect score in physics and biology and this is coming from someone who detests any form of science. overall, this exam season went pretty well and i didn’t have to pull any all nighters because wow?? maybe i’m finally getting a good sleep schedule although my watch list pile begs to differ.

i hope i’ll be less lazy and have more time and energy to post this month, so here’s to lots of posting 🙂

asic signing off,

10 thoughts on “dazed days | july wrap up; it’s slow but on going!

  1. I almost missed the live! Like I was this close to sleeping but my friend started calling me and everyone was spamming me on WhatsApp. That’s how I knew😂😂 Jimin said he’s coming soon though! So be alert! Also, your July seems to have been really fun!💜

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    1. omg yess jimin went live too!! i was right on time again ahhh~ the feeling of being right on time for a live is so satisfying right? :)) i hope you have a great august too!!

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  2. wow, glad you got to go to the mall this month….I know what it feels like!! And yessss, butter totally hits different!
    congrats on getting a perfect score in bio and phy, hope u keep getting perfect scores and have an awesome August! 😀

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