that time when | i did a Q &A for 200 followers~

you’ve asked, and i’ve delivered, here’s a Q and A for 200 followers because that’s just super nice~

so in this post i’ll be getting around to and answering all the questions everyone sent in and some of them were super creative and it was really fun to answer them! i didn’t really sort the questions based on categories or people or anything like that so this really just is a brain dump.

what’s your favorite summer activity?

–i’m actually not a big fan of the summer at all but i’d say swimming and playing games with my friends. staying up late night and watching the people move outside from my balcony is a favourite of mine too~

what kind of K drama would you want to star in?

if i were to ever star in a k-drama, i’d love to do something similar to either vincezno or itaewon class!!

who would you want as co-stars? XD

jeong jaehyun any day lolol

which grade are you in?

i’m in the 9th grade and i’m 14 🙂

which subject is your favourite?

i’d say english and P.E~ english is just fun and p.e because who doesn’t like playing~

would you rather never eat pizza or never listen to K-pop?

never listen to kpop~ it might sound shocking but i like pizza more than i like k-pop, so yus.

if there’s one thing you’d do for the rest of your life, what would it be?

SLEEP. SLEEP. SLEEP! i’m currently in the middle of exams and all i want to do is sleep, i’d sleep everyday, every minute for the rest of my life if i was given the chance hehe

what genre of books do you love the most?

i love fiction– any type of fiction does it for me;- steampunk, political fantasy, contemporary, YA- as long as it has elements and characters i vibe with, i’d love reading it

if you could only watch one show for the rest of your life, which would it be (and why)?

itaewon class and the mentalist any day. i talked about itaewon class in a previous answer, so i’ll let it talk for itself. the mentalist is just one of the best shows ever- it has so many different layers to it, and patrick jane is just hands down one of the best protagonists ever. there’s nothing not to like!

what is your favourite season?

winter with rainy coming a close second! i love how everything’s so cool and comfy during winter, and the whole chilling at home doing nothing concept works really well for me. as for rainy, i like the smell of fresh rain when i go outside after a thunderstorm!

alright so there was that for today’s short post, but there’ll be more coming!

asic signing off,

20 thoughts on “that time when | i did a Q &A for 200 followers~

    1. i haven’t read it yet! is it on webtoon? i’ll check it out then~ also the k-drama is absolutely amazing, you should 100% check it out!


  1. yayyyy….congrats on 200!!!💛
    even i’m 14 and in 9th grade🙈
    your answers were sooo amazing and i totally agree on being part of Vincenzo…like, c’mon who doesn’t!!
    cheers to manyyy more followwerss❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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