Dazed Days | June Wrap-up;- the one where I ghosted the world

ghosting was something that just automatically, sorta just happened?? i mean i didn’t even know i was partially ghosting ya’ll but now that i look back, i actually was. and boy do i feel super guilty about it. i had a lot of posts planned for june, but i just forgot about everything because idk man my short time memory is just

it’s like the 27th of june as i write this, and honestly even though i did some cool and super un-imaginable things this month, i still can’t believe this month passed so fast. there were so many highlights of this month, and overall it’s been a really good learning experience for me. i did a lot of things this month, and i spent a lot of money too but that’s a talk for another day.

  🎓haven in june! 🎓

i posted a total of 2 posts this month oop- i also worked on my homepage, my features page, my about page and my habour, which is basically my contact page! i also added in a “hall of fame” page where in basically showcase everything i like and i’m really satisfied with the way it turned out!

 📓everything i read this month 📓

my favourite of the lot was probably the ivies by alexa donne and perfect on paper by sophie gonzales. perfect on paper is literally perfect and there was never a dull moment in the book, i was hooked from the first page. the ivies i read in around 4-5 hours and it was just amazing. the amount of suspense, and mystery along with the build-up were just amazing. 100/10 would recommend.

webtoon wise, pyramid game is just the best thing ever. like don’t even think, just go ahead and read it. this is the first time i’ve ever lost my patience waiting for the webtoon to update, and so i went on to the korean webtoon area, naver webtoon?? and i read like all the 70+ episodes in one sitting but i couldn’t really understand anything haha. i actually contemplated downloading papago translate to type the words on my phone and then get the translation from that HAHA that’s the extent of how much i love the pyramid game

 💘life and lies 💘

this has literally been the best month for me, both life wise and lie-wise. i lost around 3 kgs this month and i’m hoping to loose more weight by july, so that i get to 35 kgs hehe. another highlight would be ordering a whole lot of manga, mainly one piece and death note, and i also got an i-phone!

it’s been raining a lot here and i have no idea why. when the weather’s better, i’ve been going out on walks and just vibing outside and it’s super calming and healing hehe. i also have exams from july, but i’m not really angry about it because it makes sense to study a tad bit now, so i’ve been recording time-lapses but i’ve no idea if i’ll upload them or not. i also watched a ton of k-dramas this month, the highlight being vincenzo.

vincenzo is literally the best thing ever it’s literally taken over my life and as i write this i’m actually watching ep 11. i just- the plot development and the depth of the drama is literally everything and jang jeon-woo is so hot. song joon-ki also did an amazing job, and this is my first time watching something from him, and i’m just shook by his and taeckyon’s acting, so for july i’ll be binge watching everything they’ve starred in.

 🎬my watchlist for july 🎬

 🎀AAQ+milestones! 🎀

first off, thank you so much for 203 followers on here, and it’s literally super nice to know that there’s so many people who like what i write, and vibe with me on here!

to celebrate 200 followers, because i didn’t actually celebrate my 100 follower count on here, i’ll be doing an AAQ- FAQ but make it AAQ- Asic Answers Questions. so in the comments below, drop all the questions you have, and don’t worry about them being intrusive, i’ll answer everything in another post!

once again, thank you so much!!

so that was it for my monthly wrap-up, and i’ll see all you next week with a better post, and with higher quality content!

asic signing off,

12 thoughts on “Dazed Days | June Wrap-up;- the one where I ghosted the world

  1. As always, brilliant post! You had quite a productive month (un-blog wise). Congratulation on double ton!

    My questions-
    1. Which grade are you in?
    2. Which subject is your favourite?
    3. I there’s one thing you’d do for the rest of your life, what would it be?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. i’m very interested in starting vincenzo, so i’m glad to see you enjoyed it! “this is my first time watching something from him” …are you saying you never watched descendants of the sun.

    btw, congrats on 200! ❤
    my questions:
    1. what genre of books do you love the most?
    2. if you could only watch one show for the rest of your life, which would it be (and why)?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahhh i’ve never watched it RIP i know i’ve been missing out on a lot ahh also ong vincenzo is just bomb asf like it’s now on my tier list for the best k-dramas ngl. ahh tysm! i can’t wait to answer your questions hehe

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lol i just finished downloading it so let’s see when i start watching… also i look forward to your answers!

        Liked by 1 person

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