scam of the century | what i think about each zodiac sign feat lots of aesthetics

i’m usually pretty good at assuming things about other people and having the weirdest first impressions, so i really liked writing this post!! comment your zodiac below and let me know if it resonated with you at all~

when i think about the zodiac signs i think about them as people—that’s how i tried to make assumptions. when i thought about a particular sign, i tried to think about a person/ people who have those zodiacs as their signs and then made assumptions about them in a not so subtle way~

also these signs are not really in order, i just did it off the top of my head and that’s why this post is soooo long. the image thing-ies beneath each sign is basically what i think an aesthetic representation of them would pan out to be!

zodiac sign in question: leo

  • really wholesome mom energy
  • sometimes calm and when they’re not calm it’s a whole ass mess
  • like you’d look at them be like “ok here’s a human! they look normal”
  • and then you interact with them for a basic 5 minutes of your being and they determine you’re close enough to hang out with
  • and then the weird-ity begins
  • sometimes super feisty
  • like they could beat the crap out of you
  • and it would hurt
  • also they have a really high, super high moral rate and for some reason they CANNOT stand to see other people violating their morals
  • like privacy man?

zodiac sign in question: libra

  • high key good looking
  • why so flirty? i legit just came to get my notebook, there’s no need for you to wink at me
  • kinda smart too
  • but smartness doesn’t compensate for the fact that they have the worst playlists ever
  • when you’re friends/ dating/ whatever-ing with a libra, do anything BUT ask them to make you playlists
  • it would be the worst
  • they have everything except for that music taste

zodiac sign in question: scorpio

  • i feel like most scorpio’s are really loved by the people around them, but the real question here is, do they love themselves??
  • pretend to hate affection BUT OH THEY LOVE IT
  • don’t let their face fool you, you can never know what they’re thinking
  • it’s like, they could be showering you with the sweetest words and the warmest hugs but innately they probably think you’re a bitch
  • they have a really high risk radar, and they’re so self- protecting
  • it might not be visible at first sight, or even if you’re besties, but there’s always a wall between you and them;– they don’t completely open themselves up to you
  • they like to appear cool and elegant but having them all alone is basically dealing with a kid
  • a song recommendation for them would be “sweet lies” by exo
  • i’m a capricorn and i can tell with experience that if you’re a scorpio we will get along so, so well, like just hit me up already lol

zodiac sign in question: sagittarius

  • so immature and HORRIBLE at rejecting people– like they’d be like “NO” to your face instead of being nice
  • really need to work on their people skills
  • they don’t like sweet talk, i think they prefer facts
  • they’re so funny, and it’s ALWAYS un-intentional
  • they yell so much it’s like a part time job now
  • they will honestly just knock your lights out and not think twice about it
  • and i really like that about them
  • their peak meme culture is when they get angry
  • their angry face is so hilarious, it’ll drive you to tears

zodiac sign in question: aquarius

  • master of leaving people on read and ghosting them
  • literally doesn’t care about people
  • peak parent material
  • they usually have tons of things they’d like to express or convey but they just sit still
  • looks like they could step on eggshells but the truth is they’re probably plotting 100 different plans to murder you this instant
  • as a result i think they’re pretty good with people even if they don’t realise it themselves
  • such intellectuals and they have super good taste in music
  • overall living like them is a “vibe”

zodiac sign in question: pisces

  • very smart and knowledgebale
  • i know for a fact that all pisces hold grudges, and even if you refute this you know it’s true
  • really sweet and nice if you treat them well
  • typically don’t give me the best first impressions
  • has such a huge dark side/ bad side and oop i got into their dark side once
  • lucky for them i was a capricorn
  • like bestie, two can play at the game
  • they also have a super red liar radar
  • and it keeps ticking off every 5 minutes
  • secretly wants world domination

zodiac sign in question: aries

  • always excel at what they do
  • such standouts and they have a “im cool” sorta vibe
  • very good at reading the air in the room
  • can be super bossy at times
  • but they still finish what they started
  • just like a scorpio, i think most aries have some sort of inpenetrable wall around them
  • and it might take some time for them to get comfy
  • really competitive
  • gets angry really easily, no chill haha

zodiac sign in question: virgo

  • suffers in silence lol
  • very independent and they don’t really like being told what to do
  • very hip-to-hip type of friendships
  • more of a listener not a talker as such
  • very clean and organised
  • they look super clean, pure and demure on the outside
  • IDK what’s inside
  • a bit of a perfectionist too

zodiac sign in question: taurus

  • the type of trope where they punch their crush
  • or act rude to them
  • or call them an idiot
  • LOL you can never know with a taurus
  • super comfy friends
  • really good as friends and literally your personal hypeman
  • not very afraid to actually speak out and voice their thoughts
  • but this changes based on the situation

zodiac sign in question: gemini

  • very stupid at times
  • can do the most outrageous and morally wrong this
  • but still have zero remorse about it
  • would make an amazing villian
  • likes to always keep doing something
  • likes fidgeting for fun
  • keeps it real even if they don’t have to
  • misunderstood but this happens because they do the wrong things at the right time
  • textbook definition for “right person, wrong time”

zodiac sign in question: cancer

  • mental health goes from 100 to 0 within the spur of a moment
  • very dedicated to what they do
  • hardworkers, but sometimes they over-work themselves :/
  • “it’s complicated”
  • lots of secrets and hard things going on
  • they care a lot; both in a good way and in a bad way
  • they see red when they get mad
  • like their flames would be burning
  • would probably scratch you with an eraser
  • “i hAtE yOu”

zodiac sign in question: capricorn

  • sarcastic
  • the other ‘diacs think we’re old people but the truth is-
  • we’re more lit than they’ll ever be #gangshit
  • everyone give it up for the best zodiac sign to ever exist
  • very funny but sometimes its “cool joke, wrong time”
  • the type to crack a joke at a funeral
  • it was super un-intentional though
  • not always tough and has a “resting bitch face”
  • why are all of us branded like that
  • like no if i see that you have some nose hair sticking out, i will point it out to you ok
  • also most of us are NOT traditional, or maybe its just me lol
  • can write a whole thesis about the most irrational things
  • “you picked your nose today?”
  • “gimme a sec, imma write a thesis about that real quick!”

as an ending note i’d just like to say i made another instagram acc, but this one’s for posting memes and tips, so hype me up~ school just started and i did a whole lot of other things, but because my posting schedule is non-existent, i’ll be drafting a post out for that!

i hope everyone’s drinking lots of water, and enjoying life. i’ve been listening to this song for a lot of time now and the vibes are immaculate

asic signing off,

47 thoughts on “scam of the century | what i think about each zodiac sign feat lots of aesthetics

  1. What a fun post!!! So creative, unique and enjoyable to read!! I’m a Taurus…not the Taurus you described 🤪 but I am a good friend. Really enjoyed this post, well done 🤗🖤

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Ooh I love this. But me being a Libra…dude the only thing you got right was the playlists thing, probably because I have zero playlists and 0.1 musical taste lolol😅😅 good looking? LOL. flirty? Gotta actually talk with people to do that and me being an absolute introvert does not help haha. I’m wait to see the others’ reactions…😀
    I think I’m saying this to pretty much every post of yours but those aesthetic boards are just💯

    Liked by 5 people

    1. LMAOOOO the thing is i know SO many libra’s irl and it’s a confirmed fact that every libra is good looking😌😌😌 ahh the playlist thing LMAOO you got me cracking up😭😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Haha, I’m a Sagittarius and literally the only thing that really applies is that I prefer facts over sweet talk – you’re spot on there! But the rest? 😂 I’m so quiet I don’t think I’ve ever truly yelled at anyone in my life, and sometimes I get so invested in helping people and scared of rejecting them that I end up neglecting myself in the process… But maybe those are just my introvert traits overpowering my zodiac sign 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahahaha maybe it really is the introvert showing up haha😭😭 oooh, yess i notice the helping people pattern SO MANY TIMES in sags, really you should take care of yourself too haha🥰🥰

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Your descriptions of the zodiacs are like spot on, it’s crazy, and so unique…I love it! As a Virgo I feel like you described me exactly >~< I also love the different pictures you included for each zodiac!!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. omg asic it would be an understatement if I say i adore your content n aesthetics!! lmao i feel sooo called out on being a gemini. I mean, i do morally wrong things all the time (don’t hate me 😅) and i keep fidgeting and looking for things to do so you got that right haha

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sksksks glad it resonated🥰🥰there was this super annoying pisces guy who used to go to karate with me and so i based most of the pisces points off him😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

  6. i can totally agree about Libra’s being good-looking – like soooooo much!!!! This whole post is so relatable and TRUE! Like, Cancer people seriously over-work a lot!! Being an arise, I do admit that I can be bossy sometimes!😂😂
    My sister’s a Sagittarius and oh my, each and every word you’ve stated is sooooo genuinely true!!
    I was laughing so much while reading this, like, in a way that I know all of this is true😂😂😂
    This was such a creative post to write, Asic!😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LMAOOOOOOOOOO thankyouu lolol, i’m rrly happy to see it resonated with you and your sister!! i based it off people i know in real life and some of my fave celebs haha
      ahh thanks lol, i’m glad you laughed at it!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  7. Hi hello I’m a Scorpio sun sign and you attacked me so badly like everything you mentioned for Scorpio is accurate for me sksksksk. My best friend is a Capricorn and I do tend to get on really well with other water and earth sun signs. You did a wonderful job with post! It was such a fun read even if I felt called out haha ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Aquarius here!!!!! 1. nope that’s terrible, my friend does it and i hate it 100%
    2. 🙂🙂
    3. Welll…ig
    4. Couldn’t be said better
    5. My mouth and body doesnt react but the inside of my head does. Yep.
    6. I’ll believe its true 🙂
    7. Yes i would say that. 😛I think my taste is quite good. 🤪
    8. 10000000000000% IM SUPERB

    Needless to say, AMAZING POST DUHH


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