Dazed Days | May Wrap Up;- the one where i change my theme and my life~

i can safely say that may was such a good month, both for me getting out of my reading slump and for such feel good jams. thinking about it, this month passed by like a breeze, yet there were times where i just stood still, letting the wind really brush past my face and just enjoying the still moments for what they were.

this also brings me to the fact that i’m super proud i overcame my reading slump in the last week of may and read 4 books in 3 days!!!

🔖tbr recovery status: successful!!🔖

  • this book is so sensational. i love nico so, so much– she’s such a character!! she has an amazing personality, her sense of humor is immaculate, her sassiness remains unparalleled and she’s so brutal and honest… to a fault.
  • this book captures the “live while we’re young” “smells like teen spirit” type of vibe. a perfect example of teenage angst, runaway train does not care about the readers emotions at all. it’s a lightning fast book with traces of dark humor and sarcasm all over but it’s smoothly laced and not overdone to the point where it’d be plain edgy. this book is such a classic, you shouldn’t be sleeping on this at all.

written in the stars

  • i like almost everything about this book, i loved the plot and i vibed with all the main characters and most of the chapters;— but some of it acted as filler, like coating paint. there were a few scenes that were just like plain coating paint and did not have to be there, and the ending left me kind of hanging as well.
  • i still like the book though, it’s well-written for the most part, and it was super cute to see darcy and elle complement yet clash with each other. also omg i loved the astrology and fake dating :((( super cute

everything i never told you

  • this almost made me cry– i love the storytelling, the plot, the the characters, the progression, the speed- everything about this book was absolutely mind-blowing.
  • i spent the whole night reading this, and i do not regret it at all. this is a 5-star book and if you see it, you should read it

once and future

  • a bit overhyped ngl and i was disappointed, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t a good read. i wouldn’t read it again, but this book definitely had its moments.
  • it had lots of potential and the chapters were building things up for it to be this huge, life changing moment and it just didn’t come.

🥂drop your coins for the karaoke🥂

if this month had a soundtrack, it would be “bittersweet” by Wonwoo and Mingyu feat Lee Hi. parts of the instrumental give me city girl vibes, especially the start of it and as an avid city girl fan, it was super satisfying to see~

this month i listened to lots of rnb, lofi and dazed kind of songs. i came across these three mixes on youtube and i spent the whole week listening and vibing to their playlists and numerous uploads. it’s hands down one of the best music collecting channels i’ve come across!

🎉sic gang awards🎉

i did lots of blog hopping this month, an honest effort to make up for my lack of presence on here, and on the internet itself. i found tons of cool blogs, with such pretty headers and such well-worded posts and descriptions~ i don’t have a particular blog that i’d like to shout-out because there’s too many of them for me to list on here!

all my sic gang award-worthy posts of this month-

i posted a total of 6 posts this month and i loved writing all of them~ i especially like the A to Z one and Scam of The Century | I’ll tell you what this should actually look like~ clicking on the images takes you to the post~

💌life and lies💌

i’m super happy about the fact that i finished the first draft of my WIP “city lights” and though the plot is far from perfect, i’m happy i did the hardest part of it first! i’m obsessed with it and i hope i get to publish it by the end of this year!!

i also made a little playlist with songs that remind me of city lights and go with the vibe, and the playlist is just super comfy and super cozy

a thing that isn’t cozy at all is the fact that school is going to be resuming from june 9th 😖 i’m super triggered because #1 i’ll be officially entering high school #2 i don’t know a single thing because guess what? asic loves procrastinating and running around her room while the teacher lectures on and on.

i’m super happy all of it is online, mostly because this saves me the embarrassment of having everyone watch me as i struggle to catch up. i wouldn’t say i’m excited at all because we just got robbed of a month—school was technically supposed to be starting in july, but the people who run the school probably wanted to maintain the #1 school in the country rep so they decided to overwork us :((

how exciting.

to make the mood lighter, here’s a visual representation of what the book looks like, as of now-

no more spoilers!!

i hope all of you enjoyed reading today’s post and because i did a lot of experimentation with the aesthetics, let me know if you liked it! a second question, what do you think my book’s about? as an afterthought, here’s a third, will you buy/review my book if it ever comes out??

asic signing off,

36 thoughts on “Dazed Days | May Wrap Up;- the one where i change my theme and my life~

  1. hi!! ahh glad to know may was a good month for you, getting out of a pesky reading slump is definitely wonderful! ooh wow the vibes from run away train (!!) and it sounds like such a balance with both the humour and emotions as you mentioned, it’s going on my tbr! 😌 i enjoyed everything i never told you as well, agreed it was such a gripping book! great job on finishing your wip, i really LOVE the graphics in this post, lovely wrap up and wishing you a wonderful june asic!! ❤

    Liked by 2 people

    1. hii cherelle!!! omg yes runaway train is such a delight, i hope you enjoy it!!! everything i never told you was just *chefs kiss* oohh thank you for the compliments🥺🥺😳 i hope you have a lovely june too!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. the aesthetics and of this post were everything!! runaway train sounds so good, and it’s definitely going on my tbr now! my school’s starting from June 7th and I feel the exact same way 😩
    and I’m so glad you finished your wip! the aesthetic is so cool! hope you have a lovey June! (and get through class 😭)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ahhh thank youuuu😭😭😭 omg yes you should totally read runaway train, its such a masterpiece😌😌 oop i hope i get through class as welll😭😭 i hope you have a lovely june too!!!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Glad to hear you got out of your reading slump…those things seriously suck. Your aesthetics are GOALS dude they’re so good, I love the overall anime vibe going on. I have been wanting to read Once and Future ever since I heard it was a futuristic queer king authur retelling! Great post!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. omg tysm😭😭😭 ooh yesss once and future is soo good, it gets a bit boring at times but ngl it’s super cool, and the love triangle is just>>>>>


  4. Oh my gosh I love the vibe of your blog! It feels like a really aesthetic notion page 😍Those books look really good: i haven’t read contemporary fiction in a while and I am behind on what is new, so I will be looking into those! Good luck with school starting!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ahhh thankyouuu, i’m such a BIG notion user, so that made me feel so good😭😭 omg yess contemporary fiction is on another level~ thankyouu i need the luck😭😭

      Liked by 1 person

  5. hope you have a good time in high school! I went back to school in person as a freshman 2 months ago and i’m literally so awkward 😭 like it’s a fun experience and all but I do not know how to talk to anyone. but yeah, hope you catch up ok! everyone’s having a rough time rn, so don’t get stressed about it (or maybe do if you’re one of those “super productive under pressure people” which i am not)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. everything’s online so i think that helps haha. in-person school?? i’m not ready for that at all, i’ve been waaay too happy attending class in nightwear, i can’t wake up and go to school anymore😭😭 yesss staying home my social skills have practically become non-existant lmaoooo

      Liked by 1 person

      1. i HATE waking up with a passionate heart, like i don’t even get the point of all the early morning formality lol, it’s like just start school at 11 am and society would be alright lool

        Liked by 1 person

      2. afternoon school sounds MUCH better than morning school but i’m super lazy during the afternoons so i’d prolly go to sleep but i’d prefer afternoon school over morning school anyday ngl


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