keep strugglin’ | my ideal type??

this post has formed as a result of me malfunctioning and then coming across some very good gifs of jaehyun on tumblr.

today’s post is about my ehh… “ideal type”


qualities my ideal type needs to have:

—good looking

i’m saying this unironically though,,,,

—good taste in music

jaehyun’s mentioned that he likes to listen to frank ocean, cigarettes after sex, h.e.r, daniel ceaser and a bunch of other rnb artists. this basically proves he has taste in music.

i also noticed he has a lot of chet baker and lauv on his playlists too. top tier taste in music confirmed.

—mysterious and alluring

dude he barely updates his instagram, he doesn’t even say anything on a v-live, and people pay for his bubble but he updates it like once a year. mysterious confirmed.

—fun/funny/someone i can have a good time with

see, with a face like that you’re just bound to have a good time

—someone knowledgeable

basically someone who knows a lot of random things and someone you can talk too?? without just making small talk, but like substaintial things- funny things and someone who can like.. carry a conversation- that’s very important, even in a friend

—someone who likes black shirts

he has so many black shirts and i only noticed this after a friend pointed it out

—has good hair, and takes care of themselves physically like their appearance and skin

self explanatory, because look at him.

other qualities-

⇒chill, cool with a good sense of fashion


hot lol (kill me)

a nice voice: baritones are a different level of cool

⇒someone who’s good at communication and talking with me

can speak english– because i only know english and NO i will not learn any other language just to talk to you. cue the cringe “i lived in america for 4 years that’s why i’m here man”

needs to absolutely have PERFECT alcohol tolerance– because it would be way too hard for me to carry anyone, let alone boyfriend or not, home.

⇒someone who gets along well with my friends and someone who people admire/look up to

someone who has lots of girls interested in him: i don’t like chasing after people but i like watching the chase- if that makes sense lol

a man of culture

basically jeong jaehyun.

a question for my followers: what type of person do you see me ending up with? what types of people do you think i’d be attracted to??


ok bye

asic signing off,

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