Keep Strugglin | Don’t be greedy aka a Penthouse Review

For those of my fans living under a rock, Penthouse is basically a k-drama, a very popular k-drama which deals with a web of lies, betrayal, crying and death- you know, the usual k-drama starter serve.

Bruh the struggle in this is so real. Everyone is so crazy and money-hungry and all the drama in it gives me a headache. I’ll rate this drama 7/10. For the concept and look, they did a really good job but it got SO SO boring at the end. 

Season 1 was better than season 2. Season 2 was so boring, Bae Rona got killed and yes, I lost interest. If I’m being honest, I really did not care about anyone other than Bae Rona. She was the best character ever, and she was so, so stunning, she outshone all the other characters. 

The gifs/ pictures under the character review is the character themselves, so this would make it easier for people to know who I’m talking about.

Oh Yoonhee and Logan Lee

Oh Yoonhee-


Found her kinda annoying at the beginning but she was cool enough for me to stick with her. She’s a bit incompetent, but her bravery makes up for it. She gets swayed by ugly men way too easily. She’s really clumsy and her facial expressions almost always give away her thoughts. I do admire her for being able to reach out to Logan Lee and stuff- which brings me to the next character Logan Lee

He’s pretty cool, I like his style a lot. I’m being honest here, I like his sunglasses and suits more than his character himself. He’s pretty ok, I have neutral feelings towards him. Although I’ll admit, I liked him a bit more at the start, but overall I’m pretty ok with him. 

Su Ryeon

Bruh. her character bruh. It took such a 180 degree turn and I liked it a lot. She’s a bit of a tyrant but overall i kinda understand where she came from. If your daughter was dead, you’d do the same thing too. She doesn’t look bold but she’s bold, she’s good at getting what she wants.

She’s that type of classmate who smiles at you when they want you to help them during the exam and the moment the exams are over they give you the cold shoulder- that’s exactly who she is.

Cheon Seojin

When the series first started, I liked her. As it progressed I found her kinda meh. She’s a bit of an attention seeker and why does she love the school so damn much? The school is her honor, and she cares only about her honor, nothing else.

Not very fond of her, but I liked her a lot and I was rooting for her at the beginning.

Ha Yoon-cheol and Joo Dantae

Bruh I liked him at first, and I even liked him through ep5 of the second season but that’s it. I just have one line for him: Why do we desire what we cannot acquire?

Joo Dantae is so annoying and he’s so shallow. But his portrayal was amazing, and so was the other characters’ too. He’s the cause of the chaos, he’s the spreader, he’s the destroyer and his greed has absolutely no limits. It’s fun to watch him in action because the results of his actions are so chaotic.

Joo Seokhoon

Ah I like him very much. My favourite character in the whole drama. He’s so cool, he liked her so much, and I get all of his actions. Deserved better. His character development is arguably the best and he overall did an amazing job.

Eunbyeol and Joo Seokyung

Eunbyeol, I-

Kid should go touch some grass.

For someone with a character like Joo Seokyun, she was too sassy. I still no doubt like her. It makes me think about what the series would have turned out if she was given more spotlight than lets say, Eunbyeol or maybe even Bae Rona. She has tons of potential as a character and she held her ground almost perfectly.

Bae Rona

My fave. My love. The best character ever, no complaints just have a picture-

We make the truth

Overall this drama was ok.

I like the action, I like the way the characters were made to think and how realistic most of it is. Eunbyeol killing Bae rona makes sense, and although it cannot be justified and I’d rather have eunbyeol go to jail, it makes sense why someone would kill.

[if she was the one who killed her, i’m not so sure now. i’m having a brain fart]

Jenny and her mom were way too irrelevant for me to care about them, same with any other character I missed out. I didn’t see the character development but it was fun to see them being chaotic and dumb.

The plot is good but it gets a bit boring at times. Not my type of drama, that’s what I would say, but I found it quite fun to watch, especially the whole of season 01. Season 2 just got a bit predictable and boring, but that’s just me.

The moral of penthouse?

Get better friends, get a better lover and realise that a random golden trophy and a random college/university isn’t the end of it all. Let bygones by bygones and take better care of your children. Don’t believe in ghosts and dead girls, and most of all- don’t marry the person who cheated on their partner FOR you. If they cheated once, they can do it again too.

It’s a good drama though, I’d recommend watching it if you’re into all of that.

life and lies: basically my laptop kinda gave out, it died. so here i am using my outdated tablet to write a post. my country’s kinda in a lockdown now so i can’t even order anything online-even if i do it won’t really get delivered. so i’m going to be saying sorry if this, and the upcoming posts are a bit low quality lol. i’ll make them more aesthetic once i get back on my laptop hehe

anyways did you all hear about nct hollywood? did i laugh a bit? yes a bit, but i’m still excited to see what they’re going to be doing. also nct dream’s full album, i am so hyped for this. i love how no diggity sounds, i’m so hyped.

there’s jaemin breaking my bias list

also i’m almost done with season 2 of the mentalist and i think i;ll be done with all the 7 seasons by this month end. i’m also planning to start watching vincenzo, i’m super hyped for it because the plot’s just my type. i also made a carrd in case you’re interested, go check it out 😀 i’m also trying to study, but that’s an area we best leave alone hehe

asic signing off,

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      1. Oh hell that is a question u should never ask me because I might bombard u with recs 😂😂 my first one is love alarm season one and 2, it’s okay to not be okay, my id is gangnam beauty, the inheritors, K2 (this is not younger characters but the action hell. It killed me.) And then my all time fav the descendants of the sun and then romantic doctor part 2

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      2. YESSS im in love with love alarm it’s just SOOOOOOOOO goooooddd pleasee. also omg i’ve heard such good reviews about my id is gangnam beauty, dude that drama is everywhere, i’ll watch all your drama recs a$ap, you have great taste kskksk

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