Dazed Days | April Wrap Up

Picture this: It’s a breezy day and you just got off the phone with your lover. Your phone buzzes with a notification “asic has created a new post! Tap to see it!”

So, you click on the notification and enter the world of Haven. It’s a wrap up, an assimilation of everything good and bad that took place in April, and vowing in hopes for a great May. You smile as you read the post, finally closing your phone, and taking the bus that’ll lead you home.

Hey peeps, welcome to my April Wrap Up~

Downtown life’s a thrill

I was very very lazy and in March I set ZERO goals. April was kind of a lazy month for me, my exams got over and I didn’t have to pretend to study all the time. April was more of a windy month with a few rollercoasting experiences and news.

This months goals? I don’t have any~ I think goals are best accomplished when you don’t tell anyone- the secrecy of it makes me want to work harder, so that when I flex about it I’ll feel twice as good~

Where is human nature as weak as in the bookstore?

I feel quite disheartened to say that I only read one book this month. In my defence, I was busy “studying.” The book I read was “Almond” and it’s such a wholesome read. The book’s not perfect in any means, but it has a sort of addictive tinge to it which makes it so interesting.

Let the mind games begin

I’ve been so addicted to this show, it’s called “The Mentalist.” This show is officially #1 on my fave shows list. It’s so interesting, so exciting and Patrick Jane is so funny and so amusing. I’ll definitely write an appreciation post for it because every single episode of that show is just so, so iconic and so witty.

I also watched the KBS drama “Penthouse” but I have mixed feelings about it. The plot is kinda messy but the first season was amazing. It got renewed for a third season but I’m not going to be watching it.

This month I plan to watch Vincenzo and a few other Chinese Dramas too. The only Chinese Drama I’ve watched is Meteor Garden, and as far as I remember I liked most of it.

And then there was good music

Music is like such a big contributor to the existential crises I face on this blog and in my life. I feel like I know more about good music than I know about other things and I think that’s both depressing and hilarious.

Guess Who?- ITZY– This EP was horrible man. I liked their previous releases, but JYP wasn’t even trying with this one. I like ITZY, I watch their variety contents when I’m bored and I like some of the members too. But this comeback wasn’t it. They spent more on the music video than on the production, and that’s saying something. I mean, I gave up with this. I didn’t even listen to the whole song because it hurt my ears lmao. The teaser pictures looked cool so I had some expectations, but yes, I was disappointed.

Border: Carnival- ENHYPEN– The title track was absolutely stunning, beautiful, never done before- It was such a bop dude, like this was just mind blowing. It is so amazing like, I don’t even have words. This is SOTY.

C-GIRL- City Girl– City Girl is one of my favourite artists ever and this album is officially one of my favourite albums ever. This album has been on repeat since it came out and it’s just so wonderful. City Girl snapped.

Come Through-H.E.R ft Chris Brown– dude this is such a banger. I love the vibes, I love the lyrics and I love the song so much. It’s just so good, a must-listen and the beats are so relaxing yet hype-y. One of my favourite songs ever~

Sic Gang Awards

For those of you who don’t know, Sic Gang Awards is basically a feature on my blog and this acts like an award show~ And so I’ll be giving shout-outs to posts and my friends hehe~

Ritz @ living, loving and reading’s review of Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall was just so amazing and so, so educational~

Ashmita @ the fictional journal’s april wrap up, the publisher sending out a physical copy is just #goals~

Susana’s first Q and A on reaching 100 followers was just a very chatty and cute post in general~ I loved it, and though we haven’t interacted before, she seems really fun and she’s also a fellow “How I Met Your Mother Fan”~

Kate @ Your Tita Kate’s stunning post about the ARMYdathon~ It was so fun to see another fellow ARMY~

Sushii was one of my first friends on here, and it’s so cool to see him go self-hosted, and the aesthetics of his blog are just so mindblowing~

April Lee @ Booked Till Midnight’s review of She drives me crazy was stunning, and her review of the book makes me want to read it as well~

Last but not least, my cool friend Silver Stone’s HP Logic post had me wheezing and questioning my sanity~

Let the self praise begin~

One of my favourite posts on this blog is my assumptions one. It was just so hilarious and everyone’s assumptions of me were so fun to read. If you have an assumption of me, please assumptionize it there tehehe

This post was about me reading “The Fault In Our Stars” as I fell through the sky, and also about when I enter the gates of hell, the guards will be greeted with a fresh copy of “House of Hades”.

Here, all of us unanimously agreed that Almond was a book to definitely be added onto your TBR~

My fanfiction discussions with a bit of shade- Part 01, Part 02

Did I fail my exams?

Picture this: A book with no plot holes, and then in a fraction of a second you have Ariana Grande blasting out her top hits right in your bedroom? Now wake up.

Now picture this: You, are a high school senior, and the great Min Yoongi is your classmate. How will you feel?

Me when I successfully cheat in the exam with my friend:

The sad but true Finale~

Also, this month’s theme for my blog is “Breezy Blue”- aesthetic hues, shades and palettes of blue~

Going ahead with our storyline, you have now reached home. You remove your shoes as you enter the house and open the fridge to drink some soda. Enjoying the soda, you drift into deep sleep, only to be woken by the notification-

asic signing off,

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