TBR-ed! | Books I’d read at fictional places

Hell- House Of Hades

Since it’s hell, it feels apt to read “House of Hades” by Rick Riordan. Everything about this book screams hell, because in a way the underworld really is underground hell lol.

Even the order of events in House of Hades represent exactly what would happen in a real life hell, except all of us would most likely not be demigods and would have a 100% more likely chance of getting killed.

Heaven- Sword of Summer, #1 in Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

Something about this book is so rejuvenating, so fresh and new- it really matches the vibe of what conventional heaven should be like, and how things should really go in order.

I mean if Sam kidnapped me and took me to Valhalla, I wouldn’t exactly be complaining hehe

Falling From The Sky- The Fault In Our Stars

First because the book’s got “Stars” in it’s name, and me being the ironic but iconic person I am, I would genuinely read it while falling from the sky just to prove a point.

And also cause crying because of the book while falling from the sky and on to the road would make for an excellent victim scene + all crying scenes always look incredibly aesthetic. And I’m not one to say no to aesthetics and looking pretty~

If I were a God- Hidden Oracle, #1 in Trials of Apollo

Let me just say, first off if I were a god, I’d definitely be 10 times stronger than the mess that is Apollo. Reading this book would boost my godly ego, and inflate my already immensely inflated superiority complex.

As a god, I’d love nothing more than torturing and causing pain to my fellow co-gods~

Hogwarts- Hogwarts: An Incomplete and Unreliable Guide

I know that everyone reading this would have expected me to mention a Harry Potter book obviously, because that’s just how gullible ya’ll are, but NOPE~ See if I’m going to be at Hogwarts, I’d at least need a guide to know where I’m going.

I would totally not want to end up in the Gryffindor dormitory because that place reeks of goody-two-shoes~

Are there any more fantasy places you’d like to go to? I tried to only include stuff everyone would know, instead of including places from not as widely known books, or books not everyone reads.

What books would you read in the above places?

asic signing off,

11 thoughts on “TBR-ed! | Books I’d read at fictional places

  1. I’ve read all these books, and I can agree with you—these are perfect places to read these books! I just found your blog, and it’s really awesome! Great post! (My personal faves of these are House of Hades and Fault in Our Stars ♥♥) Stars… I would also probably read the acotar series too!

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