That Time When | I had exams~

We regret to inform you, dear asic, that your exams are officially over and you are officially permitted to be on vacation until hell opens it’s doors again. We hope you make the most of your time, stay productive, stay under control and limit your use of the computer.

Hell nah

Anyways, as you and the general public are aware of, my exams have officially ended~

tehehehehehehe YAY

Widen your stride and raise your tempo

Yea, so as I was saying, my exams have ended and my holidays have started. I’m NOT going to be studying, or doing any of that nerdy sh-

Anyways, I plan to do a lot of things this summer such as writing more NCT fanfiction on my tumblr, reading more books maybe, watching a lot of new shows, k-dramas and discovering new music and artists. I also want to work on my WIP and my own music too~

Exams kinda went by fast, I mean this whole 8th grade went by pretty fast and I feel like I’ve matured a bit too. I barely pay attention in class either way, so I’m just doing my own thing all the time. All I did during LAST summer was NCT- last summer was when I got into NCT. I remember parts of my stanning a little too vividly.

I remember being hyped for Kick It, as it was released during my exams but I wasn’t allowed to see it-

Let’s end this track and go to the next stage

In 7th grade I was a bit of a nerd, with an unhealthy obsession of keeping great grades and maintaining a “good” reputation or whatever- I was a bit of a tight kid. As covid-19 knocked into where I was living, things went indoors and life became more steady, for the lack of a better word.

I took to the internet because I was pretty familiar with it. I saw Kick It appear in my recommendations AFTER my exams and I liked the song instantly. Mark stood out the most to me- because obviously- he is MARK- he is just amazing, and he was one of my first biases along with Jaemin.

That comeback drew me more into NCT and as the lazy summer went ahead, I’d watched every single variety content of every unit.

I didn’t find their concept “hard” or anything- probably because I have a big brain haha. I found them pretty refreshing and I was really interested in them because there was so much to catch up on, so many videos to watch, so many albums to listen to, so many names to be learned- it was so much fun.

Eventually it gets clear, a rendezvous

This summer? Well I don’t exactly know what I’m going to be doing, but I hope I do something fun. Anyways for the rest of this post I wanted to kind of fill you all up on what I’ve been upto in the last few weeks, other than pretending to be studying that is.

I’ve been listening to a lot of new music, and it’s just so good. I wanted to expand the genres I was listening to, and my search for new music has been going splendidly so far.

Who U Are– This song came up into my spotify autoplay and it’s just so good. There’s absolutely nothing I hate about this song, I love the melody, I like the lyrics and I love the chorus. I especially like the last chorus so much.

Body Rhythm– Another product of a spotify autoplay. I’ve listened to SHINee a bit in the past, only some of their iconic title tracks like “Replay”, “Ring Ding Dong” and “View”. This is such a gold b-side and it’s just so catchy.

Joker– I don’t listen to a lot of LAY’s music but now I’m going to be doing that. I came across this song after it was used in an edit. I saw someone in the comments asking for the name of the song, and after that I just spotify-ed it and here we go~

MONTERO– I’d listened to it once and I didn’t like it as such, but I think that was because I was busy doing something else while listening to it and my head dismissed it as background noise lol. It came up on another one of my playlists and I liked the track~

I also just finished watching “Penthouse” yesterday. For those of you boomers who don’t know, Penthouse is basically this really popular k-drama. I won’t be expanding on this because I’ve already got a review written for it, so yea- no spoilers.

My friend apparently fractured his finger the day before our first exam- which was math. I don’t believe him- NO ONE believes him. Sad for him, he’s gotta write maths exam tomorrow- which is basically kind of like a re-test.

F in the chat for my friend.

asic signing off,

25 thoughts on “That Time When | I had exams~

  1. Enjoy your holidays. Your plan sounds so cool and even i do the same after my exams gets over 🙌🏻
    I got into Nct because of the song ‘kick it’ and what should I say about ‘Mark’ .. He always gets my attention!!! ❤️

    You have an amazing list of songs!! Can you give me your spotify account so that we can follow each other. I don’t want to miss your cool playlists 😉💜

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