Scam Of The Century | Fan-Fiction 2.0

#1 The Mentalist, Season 01

In this post, I’ll be discussing reasons why I LIKE fan-fiction and why I DON’T. Fan-fiction is sometimes looked down upon by people- and the people who look down upon them can’t even form a proper sentence, let alone write a whole series in the first place.

I have strong feelings both towards and against it- So without wasting any time, I asic welcome all of you to the 4th episode of the award winning series Scam Of The Century- Fan Fiction.

#1 So, You Don’t?!

If you don’t blog, or generally write as such, then fan-fiction is such a great way to start. There’s so many different types of fan-fictions, there’s ones with a mafia theme, there’s one with an old-time palace/emperor concept. Then you have the so-and-so as your boyfriend, late night talks with so-and-so. You have school settings, you have gang concepts, I swear I even saw one about demons, angels and soulmates and all that.

If you’re new to fiction writing, or writing in general, then fan-fiction is perfect. You get exposed to the different kinds of themes, you get prompts and ideas from pre-existing themes (I know I do), you understand and recognise different styles of writing- it contributes to your writing so much.

#2 Sorry, You Just Got Clowned

But then again, you have some intellectuals who write about humping on a watermelon, jumping on an eraser- plain weird. You gotta be careful about which part of the fan-fiction net you want to go to. There’s a very clown-ish, dark side lurking there.

Not to mention, sometimes the cringe underlaying all of it is totally unbearable. There’s so many 12 year olds lurking on there, and while I personally have not encountered many of them, it’s clear that there’s tons of people like that on there.

Some fan-fiction and some authors have top-notch writing skills. On the other hand, other writers have great plot ideas but the writing’s a bit-low quality, but that could just be a personal preference. There’s a lot of cringe- so much cringe on there, so you need to be very cautious while navigating or else Wattpad might get the wrong idea. I prefer Tumblr, but Wattpad’s great as well~

#3 Sweet Lies, I tell her Sweet Lies

It’s kinda toxic too- if you get too involved with fan-fiction, and if you see someone plagiarizing your work- in fact, today on my tumblr dashboard i saw these two people arguing about how one of them plagiarized the other’s work, and I didn’t really have the time, patience or enough fucks to go and see what they were on about- but it was clear it was a full blown ego battle.

Like if you get too deep into it, you need a cleanse, a cleanse of holy water. Don’t get too deep into it because at the end of the day- it is just fan fiction- that’s all it’ll be, and that’s all its going to be- it won’t ever develop into something more in real life-

There’s a reason why the word “fiction” exists in the word fan-fiction, and oftentimes people lose sight of that and just get way too engrossed~

#4 By Any Chance, Were You Looking For Anthrax Therapy?

In defense of my beloved fan-fiction, I’ll say that it acts as a form of catharsis- the process of releasing, and thereby providing relief from, strong or repressed emotions. To some, writing fan-fiction can be kinda therapeutic. It could maybe help them escape life troubles, home issues, life issues- whatever they got going on.

Also as I said before, some actual fan-fiction is miles better than books/novella that have actually been published and out in the market. It still blows my mind tbh- how good some fan-fic writers are, other writers could never compare lol.

Fan-fiction also kinda helps you build a brand- not necessarily your image, but if you are looking to get published or want to write a book someday, starting out with fan fiction can be a great way to get out there. By writing and posting, you’ll also get to know if people like your writing style, what types of troupes work, and so on~

Bye My First~

If someone came over to me and asked me about my villain story, then I’d say it all started with this catchphrase of “Get out and Read An Actual Book”

Well news flash: reading books isn’t the only type of reading available- there’s so many other things that can also be counted as reading, but the people don’t want to hear it.

Anyways, I’m kinda ok with fan-fics and I rate the existence of fan-fics 70%. To end this discussion, I’ll also say- there’s no point in reading/imaging fan-fiction if you’re not me- we all know I’m the original Y/N~

Life is going smoothly for me because after all, I am THE asic and things always work out for me. These days I’ve been listening and discovering so many new music artists- like wow, the amount of good music on Spotify is mind-blowing.

But Spotify can go fuck themselves- I’m getting so many ads these days and my patience is wearing thin. It’s honestly very,very annoying. I hate ads and I hate that annoying little voice that always comes up.

Anyways, I’ve been enjoying NCT 127’s Loveholic EP these days, and I like where their music style is going. My favourite track off the EP is probably “Lipstick” because the lyrics are really deep, meaningful and cool.

For legal reasons, this is a joke.

I like lipstick though- the beat is really very cool and it would have been a better title track than “gimme gimme”- but both the tracks are cool. Taeyong, Mark, Haechan and Jaehyun ate that song up.

I like Chica Bom Bom too- it’s a cool song, and I love Jaehyun’s voice in it- I’m Jaehyun biased so this would be a given lol.

His voice adds more layer to the song even though he doesn’t get enough lines. To be very honest, I’d pay money to have him, Mark and Taeyong on a track~ In 127, I’m only biased towards the trinty, no one else~

If you ask me, I think my exam schedule right now- the teachers made the time table so lazily.. Like why would you give me 3 whole days+ a weekend to study for 4 chapters? What makes you think I need so much time to study?

People’s minds are amazing..

2 more exams left until I can stop pretending that I actually study~

asic signing off,

7 thoughts on “Scam Of The Century | Fan-Fiction 2.0

  1. Ok before I say anything about your post can I just gush about ur blog and theme!!! I just found ur blog and it’s just wow! I love it soo much!!

    And this post is really organized! I don’t really have any opinion regarding fan-fics ’cause I have not read a lot. Just a few. And I didn’t hate them. Some were actually pretty good and I wished they were proper published books 😂😅 and some were uh…not so good. But that happens. So yeah. And plagiarism ughh!! I wish it would stop! And I love your sense of humour and really! Who the hell spends that much time studying 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. omg thanks for such a long comment~
      Ah thank you, I just changed the theme of my blog, I’m glad you like it 🙂
      Yessss this is so spot on~ Plagiarism is really annoying and there’s so much drama there haha~
      Haha I’m happy you think I’m funny~ </3


  2. I’ve read a couple fanfics (And im in the process of writing my own.. got like 15 pages down already) and your right, some are just plain weird. I read them online and not on Wattpad cause that place is pretty cursed. I usually read action ones and not romance or ship ones.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lolol I can imagine the expressions that would come when you read those wattpad ff’s lolol. I write fanfifcs on my tumblr acc, I use my wattpad one only for this one fanfic writer I really like. ah yes, I like action ones so much, they’re so much fun~ I hope your fanfic goes well~~

      Liked by 1 person

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