Scam Of The Century | Fan-Fiction 1.0

Garbage, Or Maybe Not?

I think most of the people in my comments are newbie k-pop fans, or like they might be older than me but they aren’t really well-versed with what things are, so yea- How do I know this? I’ve lurked enough on stan twt to know newbies and I know a newbie/clown when I see one- the elitist “I stan only 875” is something all newbies do. If you know, you know.

This post is about fan-fiction. Just general fan-fiction. I have another post related to that coming up, so this is like a prologue because I’d like to gauge the vibe before posting it. 

I’ll just clear my name here, can’t have my face damaged- SO yea, I used to read fan-fiction, I have my favourite authors who actually know how to plot, they make good storylines, they make playlists for the story, and the entire fan-base of those authors are fun, familal and friendly- it’s almost always like-minded. So I enjoy that.

Brown Hair, Dark Eyes…

I’ll say this though- I don’t have a crush on anyone fanfictions are written about- like no, I mean I don’t romantically harbour feelings for anyone I read about. I read and write because I think they’d fit a concept, and one idea leads into another and within 30 minutes I have a series written. I mean I did have crushes on people and stuff, but that’s all it is.

I’m not a delulu-I know so many people who are, I’m not going to break your bubble- your time will come when it has to come jsjs. 

In The End, You Have To Live

Life isn’t always that much, it’s way more than just the people you see on the screen, they are people and you are also PEOPLE- be a people, don’t be a bimbo.

Elaborating on the aforementioned, I have a life outside all of this, I’m not even that into k-pop, I have a busy life- I write on this blog, I write for 5-6 magazines (you can find those in my insta bio lol), I have exams right now- I need to focus on life, I play basketball, I do gaming stuff like Valorant, X-BOX and stuff like that too- I think that’s important. 

You can read, write and enjoy fan-fiction but remember it’s FICTION. You have a different life to live, and so do the people who write about, it’s all fiction. When you start living in the fan-fiction you read, then that’s when you’ve had waay too much- if you think your’e that “Y/N” lady and stuff like that- we’ve found a clown.

It’s Funny If You Don’t Take It Personally

Making jokes about fanfiction- daym I love those jokes, the slander is really funny. Both the sarcasm and the honesty, because I can’t pick a side, I don’t want to pick a side.  Also some ffs are so dumb- like what was the author thinking when they wrote this lmfaooo like it’s so dumb, everything is so UGH and I’m just laughing at the obliviousness of it all-

I don’t read it much these days, I only read what hyuckscult and a few others on tumblr/wattpad write- but I don’t have much interest in anything that’s not hyuckscult’s lol

Meet Me At The Tall Mansion, 12 AM EST

Yea that’s it I guess, I’ve cleared my name, and so on next Saturday please expect a Fan-Fiction V/S post for Scam Of The Century! There’s more in that post- I have the basic outline of it done, and it’s a good post- jsjsj self-praise lolol

Anyways, have a nice day and don’t forget to wash your hands! Do you like fan-fiction? What did you think about my “name clearing”? Do you have any experiences with encountering fan-fiction?

asic signing off,

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