Sic Gang Awards | Finale: Ranking K-pop Debut Songs

Hello, and welcome to the finale of Sic Gang Awards- Ranking K-pop Debut Songs! The finale is all personal, the songs that win here are the songs, the debut songs that hit the hardest 🙂


NCT Dream are one of my ults, so you should probably expect that I’d include them in here haha. I don’t know much about k-pop as such- I mean I like groups and I know fandom stuff and all that; but I’m not a fully fledged fan- I have a life of my own rip.

I like chewing gum, I haven’t seen people do that concept as such- I mean different variations of the same concept, but never outright singing chew-chew-chew-chewing gum, soft-chewing gum- I’ve never seen that. And that’s why chewing gum was so mind blowing.

I love the styling, I love the storyline of the music video- the execution of the storyline is kinda like how you’d tell a bedtime story- soft, cute and fast- “like just go to sleep already”- it’s like that. I like the styling, and yes I like the hair. Jisung looked so fabulous in that hair, and they were all so small ><

Another thing I want to mention is the choreography- hoverboards!!!! That was such a cool thing to do, and including hoverboards as the backbone of the choreography is so unique and iconic- more people to need to realise that.

The choreography isn’t just hoverboarding- it’s the various tricks (that stunt one), the various formations, the expressions, the balance, the wavelength, the colours of the boards- they all add up so well and this era is really one of their best ones- 10/10


THIS IS SO ICONIC. Like which group even debuts with a break up song???

I first got into DAY6 because of “I Loved You”- that song came up on my recommends the afternoon my final exams of the first semester of 8th grade were over- I was listening to No Manners by SuperM and ogling over Taeyong’s rap when that song popped up. I feel heads over heels for Jae, and that by that afternoon I’d eaten up more than half of DAY6’s discography.

I really like this song, not just musically, but the whole concept. It’s really ironic, but that’s what DAY6 is- ironic. We got a YoungK rap, we got sad mad scenes, we got the start of an epic storyline, we got self sufficient people, we got post-breakup rage- this is the perfect debut song.

I like the lyrics, I like the cinematography even if the girl-guy scenes were a little too sweet for my tsundere soul. I liked the past, old retro kinda vibe- not the Bruno Mars kinda retro, but like the lighting, and the gray-ish hues of the music video- the past representing hues- it kinda looks like a  low-quality MV, but the low-quality-ness adds to the vibe-10/10


Maybe this is just because I’m biased towards NCT or whatever but I don’t really see people talking about WayV when they mention best kpop debut songs. Maybe coz the song is in Chinese? RIP did I just cut myself?

dank memer pls meme

Take Off was such a universal revolution, and I mean that literally(yea pun intended).

I like the styling, I like the cinematography, I like the plane scenes, I like to see a non-whitewashed YangYang, I like the “feishang” thingy they whisper- don’t come at me if I spelt it wrong, I’m not a native speaker of Chinese 😦

I like the lyrics, they marked the start to all the other WayV references, eg: Turn Back Time,  Kick Back, Moonwalk etc- Take Off was the start to WayV’s whole concept, the whole plan, the whole moon-earth-turn-time-then-save-me thing.

The choreography is catchy- TBH all of WayV’s choreographies are good- they have a good chorus hit-point. Take Off is not the best debut song as such- I don’t have a best debut song- I know my debut song will be best haha 🙂

Take Off has ok styling- I like the era more for it’s vibe, and feel- and the lyrics, not so the styling- I don’t like the suits; they look way too haphazard, and not put together, I like the other stylings, and the hair- esp Winwin’s, and Lucas’s- 10/10

Yea, no Scam Of The Century today:(

Exams have entered the chat but that just means I’ll be posting more. Hiatuses are for the weak, and I’m the strongest 14 year old no cap.

asic signing off,

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