Dazed Days | March Wrap Up!

hi peeps! Welcome to my March Monthly Wrap Up~


You all don’t know how happy i am that this month is over. But it’s kind of a bitter-sweet feeling. I have exams from April and it’s going to be long ride.I won’t take any hiatus or something random like that- I strongly believe that hiatuses are for the weak😌

This month was pretty sike- I hit a 100 followers, and I’m so happy about it. I started this blog in around Jan, and to get a 100 followers so fast is really a huge ego boost lolol.

I met all of my March goals!! At least, I think I did-

Hit 100 followers– donee

Read at least 10 webtoons or books– Yea, I think I did that? I think 10 is a bit of a stretch, but I managed to keep up with all of it. I’ve read many new webtoons, especially the ones from the webtoon canvas section, so reviews for that could be coming soon!!

Follow through with my plans for this blog– I’ve done all of it- I introduced everything that needed to be introduced, so this month and the months after it are going to be loops and loops of joy-rides


Music is so, so, so important in here, so I’m going to be having separate categories for music and all it’s counterparts!


I’ve been very into K-pop Girl Groups as of late, me being the curator I am, I decided to make a whole playlist for it~

Girls- Nature – I’d heard of Nature once or twice within the k-pop girl group stan community but I’d never actually checked them out.

This song popped up on autoplay on spotify and I’m glad it did. This month I’m really going to be listening to all of their songs, how many ever they have 🙂

Attaboy- Red Velvet– The album which this song is a part of, is so godly. I can really confidently say that it’s one of the finer aspects of Red Velvet’s vibrant yet dark discography. That album – Perfect Velvet is one of the best k-pop albums in existence and that era is so god-tier. Other albums can’t relate.

La Di Da- Everglow– I witnessed this comeback happening, this song is one of the best Everglow songs. If someone asks you to recommend them some cool k-pop songs, then you absolutely have to recommend La Di Da, everything about that era is mind blowing and so, so stunning.

Variety Content I’m into

basically the things I do aka my brain dump rip.

Stupid K-Pop memes

You don’t even have to be a fan or a stan to laugh at the memes- they are THAT gold. I usually look at memes all the time- while writing posts, while studying, it’s become so normal in my life that I even have a meme-tier ranking lolol


Mera is a k-pop youtuber, and her reviews are so top-tier. Her vocabulary is immaculate, her sense of humour is immaculate, her narration is spectacular- everything about her channel is marvellous.

I like the different topics she posts about, how she’s not at all afraid to call out certain fandoms, how she handles everything with so much grace, and SHE’S JUST SO COOL

I like every single one of her videos, and I’ve watched some of them more than once heheh.

NCT’ Dream’s 00-line V-live

and the crack content that emerged from it. I love NCT Dream so much, I’m sure you all know that they are one of my ULT groups, and therefore I’m always up-to date with everything they do

This is a crack video, it’s so top tier, I love it. It’s so funny, it’s so hilarious, it’s such meme material sksksks.

MY posts~

I decided to not do the other posts by bloggers I like thing coz it’s too much work for me to see every post I liked haha, so I’ll just be sharing my posts on here lolol

I ranked K-pop debuts based on their cinematography and overall vibe~ I was supposed to post the last part of the series today, but I decided to do a monthly wrap-up instead. I’ll post the last part tomorrow~

And then we had Scam Of The Century! Teen cliches and Book reader struggles~ Writing those posts was so much fun<3

I wrote more posts but I’m really tired right now haha, this tag has all of them hehe

Anyways, that was about it for the monthly wrap up! How was your month, did you do something exciting?

asic signing off,

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