Sic Gang Awards | Ranking K-pop Debut songs #2

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Hello! And welcome to the second part of Sic Gang Awards! Today we will be ranking k-pop debut songs based on their overall vibes- the songs that were just enough!

WHISTLE- Blackpink

I’m a huge sucker for the lyrics; BLACKPINK have never had the most spellbinding, or the most “deep” lyrics, but Whistle really does it for me. I feel like the lyrics of this song were so IT- like they should have done another concept similar to this.

I like the styling- chic with a hint of bubblegum pop. I like the visuals, I don’t like the rap a lot- but that’s subjective. The bridge slaps, and the car scenes are absolutely gorgeous.    8/10


I really like the cinematography for this one, and I was originally going to include it in the cinematography section; the visuals are stunning. The concept is weird af and I don’t like the snake references.

What I do like is how the producers really made it work- I didn’t notice there was a snake till the 5th watch- that’s how good it was.

I like the styling, I like the dance moves- I like Winter’s styling the most- I like the crop top, and I like the train scenes.  The dance is cool, and the “killing point” is bold- I’ve never seen such a cool choreography from an SM girl group, so it’s cool to see where SM girl groups with such concepts could go.

The lyrics are a bit meh, but they convey the point and fit well with the beat, so it’s no biggie.  7/10


I don’t think I was into k-pop when this released, but this one kills. I like the live stages a lot, I think the choreography is smooth, clean and precise. ITZY did a great job of executing the concept- I don’t know what exactly they were aiming for, but I totally felt it.

Like, I had no idea what they were doing, but I know I liked it. The song is good; there’s no over-the-top production if you exclude the auto tune, nothing too excessive, it’s all controlled and perfect. I like the lyrics, they are very unique and while the concept “I Love Myself” is getting a bit overused, ITZY puts a different meaning to it.

It’s not just I love myself- I see that I’m ICY, I see that I can be rude- you are dumb mind your own business, I’m different from the rest of you; the classist attitude while not being demeaning- they have executed that so perfectly.

I really like ITZY.   7/10


Nice song, the lyrics are nice and expressive- as expected from BigHit groups. The song gets a bit boring tho. But that’s more of a personal thing I guess haha. I like the styling, they could have done better- but that was really cool as well.

The choreography isn’t too expressive, but it conveys the anthem well- I like the kick they do at the end, and I like Heesung’s expressions throughout the song. I like the MV- this, I daresay, is one of BigHit’s best directed videos ever. I like Jungwon’s nosebleed scene-perfect shooting, perfect lighting, optimum ambience, I love it. 

I like the nostril, mental hospital kinda scenes- they were shot really well and the camera angles really help capture the concept, if not divulge it more. I like Niki’s acting- the dance acting a lot- it shook me when I first saw it. 

I like their concept- there’s that bit of lightness to it, but the plot, lyrics and concept videos seem to hint at something darker. It plays hot and cold; and adds to the mysterious feel as well. 

That’s it for this section! The finale of the best kpop debut songs will be aired tomorrow, so stay tuned!

asic signing off,

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