Sic Gang Awards | Ranking K-pop Debut Songs

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Today’s MC’s are asic and asic! This weeks’ concept is time-travel! We will be going back in time to witness some of k-pop’s most iconic debuts!

MC’s Disclaimer: I don’t know every k-pop group, I haven’t listened to every debut song, I don’t think I know every members name even in the following groups I mention- so if I don’t include your faves, don’t come @ me hehe 😀 The debut song rankings will be spread over a series of three different categories with three posts each- all of it will be posted this week itself!!!!!!

There’ll be different songs for each category, and no two songs will win in the same category- there’ll be a lot of different, and new ones!



jopping doesnt really strike you as a debut song; it looks way too good, the production way too smooth, way too crystal clear for it to be an actual debut song. But this song really takes the cake in “cool” debut songs.

The blissful cinematography of the music video, the styling that was absolutely above the era, the “uh you think you big boy throwing three stacks imma show you how to ball you a mismatch, opinionated but im always spitting straight facts” – it was just in a league of its own.

I wasn’t a huuuge fan of the styling as such, I think it looked a bit too robotic, but I see how it worked- it’s SuperM, and it’s from SM- the styling is never less; it absolutely always has to be over-the-top. The locations for the filming were pretty unique, the desert one was absolutely a great idea, and I’m a huge fan of how they utlized the “green screen” as well. 9/10


this is one of the most edgy group debuts ever, and the colours of the music video are so contrasting. Let’s talk about the cinematography for a moment-

Personally, I never thought that dark blue and neon orange in a music video would ever go well together- they seem to bring out the worst in each other. But, in this music video- we get to see a neon orange backdrop, hues of dark blue with leaves, an orange-yellowish box with horizontal and vertical patterns- all in a single video. 

And I for one, think that’s really remarkable. 9/10


I was there, right there when this song came out- I was in that moment, I saw it the moment it came. I didn’t stan treasure, but they were really hyped a lot so I decided to check it out.

There were 13 members, it was really hard for me to figure out who was who and who did what, but I somehow managed to get by. This song is one of the best debut songs, this song went down in history.

I love the scenes of this song- I love the effects they added onto the members- the tiny effects you don’t notice at first watch but during the 10th or 11th stream you do.

I like Haruto’s styling (coz I only know him and Hyunsuk lolol)- I like the diving board idea- the video production was so top-tier that not a single scene ever looked out of place as such- like in a normal video it would look absolutely stupid and dumb, but in this MV they really made it work.

Who the hell puts a diving board and a playground/park kinda thing in the same video? Only the BOY M/V.

I’m a sucker for the rap, I’m a sucker for the EDM chorus- even though I don’t really like EDM(my workout playlist says otherwise rip)- I like Hyunsuk’s green hair so much- he looked like such a cool frog!!

We have come to the end of the first category “Cinematography”. Are their any debut music videos with top-tier cinematography you’d like to see?

With this, our MC’s will be signing off for the day. The next episode of this program will be aired on Tuesday!

Our MC’s hope you look forward to it

asic signing off,

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6 thoughts on “Sic Gang Awards | Ranking K-pop Debut Songs

    1. ahahahaha i’m glad to be changing your views on k-pop hehe- if you ignore the fandom drama and the toxity, it can be really fun lol- the music videos are so well directed, it’s so fun to stream<3


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