Dazed Days | World Poetry Day!

I am not a poet. I find MOST poetry a bit pretentious, so I don’t read most poetry.

In this post I’ll be showing you peeps some “poetry” I wrote, plus some songs which I think are really poetic.

IDK if you can call this poetry or whatever lolol. I wrote some of these last week when I was bored, and waiting for the internet to come back.

Since today is apparently World Poetry Day, I decided to post a few of these on here

#1 Humans

#2 Sarcasm

#3 Music

#4 Cat v/s Dog

#5 Bangs

Poetic Songs

Here are some really poetic and deep songs by artists I enjoy listening to.

Warning: some of these might be a bit too deep, so read it at your own risk!

Love Talk by WayV

“Ooh tell me babe

Tell me how you like it babe

I don’t even know your name

I love the way you’re talking to me”

WayV- Love Talk

Yes, the perfect execution of the lyrics in the music video, makes it even more poetic.

Drippin by NCT Dream

” Your heart has been washed away

My heart has been attracted

Keep playing keep going, you can’t stop

The light can’t follow the speed of your heart”

NCT DREAM- Drippin

This one of their most poetic songs ever. It’s about water, the drip in the water, the water that drips- this joke is so overused it’s getting cringe now haha

Like Genius said, “This song is about NCT Dream’s love for water. Water is an essential substance which all our lives rely on. In this song, they sing about the “drippin” love they have for water, which obviously drips.”

Poetic lyricism, if you ask me.

119 by NCT Dream

Sh, that’s right, your eyes that slightly stopped
You already fell for it
And move closer to me
I like it like that
Sh, that’s right, that voice that’s a bit disheveled
I’ve fallen so deeply, I’m diving into it
I don’t plan on coming to a stop
I like it like that

NCT Dream- 119

This song is wow, Jaemin and Jeno would have had some serious poetic inspirations that day.

Good day ya’ll

Other song Recs

  • blue by keshi
  • So Far Away by AgustD
  • Maniac by Conan Gray
  • Fools by Troye Sivan
  • Straw House by Jade
  • fever dream by mxmtoon

Some of this was not meant to be “deep” or “dark” or whatever- if you think it’s deep then good for you. IDK why I wrote this lolol- I like it though.

Anyways Happy World Poetry Day!

Which poetry pieces did you like the most? I personally liked #5 the most hehe

asic signing off,

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