Scam Of The Century | Stop Man, Stop!?

Ladies and germs, welcome to episode #2 of the award-winning series, Scam Of The Century.

Let the scams begin!

Oh this? I just carry it around because it makes me look smart.

Ah yes, you’re the same person who thinks wearing round-ass glasses makes them look c00l. You’re the same person who pretends to “hate” nerds, just cause they read?

Sure, you totally look sm0rt.

I haven’t read any of them, but don’t they look awesome on my shelf?

NO, they don’t. As a matter of fact, your shelf kinda makes you look like a boomer- who thought it was a good idea to put the John Green books at the back?

Wait. The point of this book club is actually to discuss the book? I thought it was code for wine night!

I thought wine nights were spontaneous, but whatever

Do you really need to pack all these books? We’re only going away for 3 days!

3 days aka 72 hours. 72 hours aka almost one-third of the week. Why would you NOT read for one-third of the week.

Just, why?

Sorry. It’s just that even the smallest reading light bothers me.

Reading light? Flashlight?

Or do you mean light reading?

No, we’re sorry. The author has decided not to complete the series.

Yea, I hope you go step on lego.

This bookstore is closing to make way for an Equinox.

LMFAO NO, I have had such bad memories of studying for an equinox, please. My social science class still has it, we have the same portions every single year. If you even say that to me, I don’t care if it’s a book store or what, just mention the word equinox, and I’ll be playing 119 by NCT Dream at your funeral.

But what ELSE do you want for your birthday?

Park Jisung.

Would YOU be able to get me that?

Why do you care so much about the spine?!

Cause the spines’ the neck, the neck’s the spine. If you don’t care about the spine, the book might become short.

*cough* huang renjun *cough* renjun




The book struggles were very kindly provided by Barnes and Nobles. My week has been fun, tomorrow is a Sunday aka rest day. I’ve been listening to lots of NCT Dream lately, and I’ve been hooked to Dream Lab- their newest variety content. Jisung is so attractive and funny.

I’m falling in love.

Also, Chenle is just so entertaining, I love the way he makes life 2x funny. He is such a boss. I love Renjun in specs- it makes him look so cool. Like Renjun never this hard. He’s been wilding since Ridin era.

Mark is just suffering like usual. Haechan and Jeno are totally not no-jam. Jeno in blonde hair hits different. Hyuck in specs reminds me of his predebut pictures HAHAH CURSED. Also, Jaemin. Jaemin. He looks so wow in black hair, I could write songs about him in that pls.

Stream Ridin and Deja Vu. Also stream ROOLS- Renjun’s cover of fools!

Also, does anyone else like to call Renjun Injun instead? That’s like his Korean name, but I also find it easier to pronounce. I know he hates his name being pronounced wrong LOL.

But anyways, Park Jisung.

I’ll see you in the next post, which’ll be around Mon-Tuesday?

asic signing off,

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