The truth behind my profile picture+ a confession!!


My profile picture is a bit too… prolific. I actually had a very strong gut feeling about my profile picture; this profile picture and I are meant to be! This particular picture, which has been headlining my blog for sometime now, really represents me in a lot of ways.

Thinking about it, the story of how this profile picture and I met is very unique…

[And yes, I am aware that this type of narration sounds like what 2 year old couple who met on Tinder would say xD]


It was a moderately heated afternoon, and my lonely self was scrolling through the never ending feed of pinterest. I was scrolling through the tons of pictures, my eyes scanning it all- the various sizeable pieces of art and other aesthetics. 

For some reason, some daunting reason, I wasn’t able to vibe with or understand any of the other pictures.

Sure, they were all aesthetic and unique and like I said, “exotic”, in their own ways, none of them had that special spark. None of them held the light that I wanted to admire.

None of them, until this……

Until this particular profile picture came in and turned my whole world upside down. This profile picture shares my vision, and we together, share a dream.

Together we work to promote my cause, my vision, my talent, my aspirations-


Sorry for all that utter sappy and romantic bullshit you read back there LOL. I had fun writing it tho!

Anyways, what I mean to say is, you should choose a profile picture that you think defines you. I could have very well chosen some BTS logo, or made my own handy-dandy logo from Canva or Crello, but NO!

I choose to walk the road, and pick the profile picture not taken! To seek an adventure that reveals itself to the bravest- CUT THE BULLSHIT ALREADY!

I’m saying you should also choose pictures, and options that walk the road not taken!!

To Conclude

IDK why I wrote this post, it just struck me as this big bottle of inspiration.

When my mom first looked at my profile picture, the first word she noticed was “BAR”.

I was utterly dumbstruck and in confusion. It took me a few minutes to figure out where exactly the word BAR appeared in my profile picture in the first place xD.

To Actually Conclude

Now that my drowsy, sleep-deprived brain thinks back and analyses the profile picture- it has come to a spell-binding conclusion!! It hopes that this blog can function as a  bar for all the fine arts, for all the things that matter! (yes, I’m a weird kid, deal with it)

[PS: Song rec: Dionysus by BTS. It’s a song about them getting drunk on art, and all the tasteful music they make!]

Not exactly like a bar where you get drunk and dance with strangers, but the artistic equivalent of that (not saying dancing while getting drunk is not artistic, it’s very artistic to be able to dance merrily when you’re half conscious). 

I was thinking like a place where we can get drunk on exotic music and fine literature, tasteful fashion and snarky opinions, meaningful posts and light-hearted banter, basically a bar for all the things that matter!!

From today, I hope that this blog helps you get drunk on all the fine arts!!

The innaugration for Haven: A Heavenly Bar For The Things That Matter, has officially ended! We hope that all our fans, customers and visitors will be able to head home safely<3

asic signing off,

9 thoughts on “The truth behind my profile picture+ a confession!!

  1. Haha, that was a lovely write! I agree, you have to choose one that stands for what you believe in. And the idea of getting drunk in the fine arts is intriguing! I once used the phrase ‘drunk in the beauty of it all’ for an art project. My profile pic is a faceless girl I drew 😂

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    1. lololol noicee. I think choosing one that makes sense is really important- like if you have a blog about for example, life- then it would be dumb to have like a k-pop profile picture or sumn lol. I like your pfp- it’s cool and mysterious hehe

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Ha ha even i noticed that. Your profile pic is so unique and I just love it 💜
    I can understand why you are weird because we stan the legends like ‘BTS’ 😄 and that Dionysus reference was on point. We’ll make sure to get in drunk with your blog 💜💜

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