Scam Of The Century Ep #1 | Teen Cliches

A very good day to all the ladies, and germs! I heartily welcome you to Episode One of the Award-Winning Series “Scam Of The Century”. Today we shall be sarcastically humouring Teen Cliche’s and their usage in literature!

The original relavation can be found here!

Let the scams begin!

Scam #1 | School Fights

I personally kinda enjoy school fights in books, quite a bit. I feel like it adds flavour to the plot, and extra drama can help maintain the interest of the reader, but that’s all it is. And really though, like the Reddit post said- it there’s a fight- people are most likely going to just watch or join in for the fun of it.

School Fights, as of 2021, are an overused cliche. While there are books and fan-fictions that execute these well, most school fights are just used to prolong the plot and disinterest me.

Pick or Drop– I’ll drop

Scam #2 | Couples~

Not everybody dates in middle or high school. Some people make the choice to date, others don’t. A girl doesn’t always have to get a guy.

I tend to enjoy couples in books- especially the ones wherein they go from friends to dating; I like to laugh at the awkwardness when friends first start dating. But in some books, the romance just feels so suffocating, and it’s like they’re throwing their happiness and romance in my face and showing off..

Pick or Drop– I’ll drop

Scam #3 | Tomboys

Making your female characters “not like other girls” for having “masculine” interests. If your character is doing a stereotypically masculine activity out of necessity, passion or other reasons pertaining to their character development or experience, that is fine. However, you cannot make your character take up a stereo-typically masculine activity simply for them to be seen as strong.

I don’t really agree with this. Though I’ve grown out of being a tomboy now, I’ve been a bit of a tomboy for as long as I can remember- and it was really hard to be one. Other girls didn’t like the fact that I was bff’s with their crush, or that I didn’t really want to wear pink stuff.

Stereotypically masculine doesn’t mean a person is strong or anything like that– tomboy’s have been disregarded and disrespected for generations; you can’t really expect everyone to understand.

The thing here, is tomboy is the textbook definition of “not like other girls”, because tomboys actually have “masculine” interests, but this is just my opinion.

I don’t think being a tomboy makes you strong or whatever- tomboys, girly-girls, it’s all just a way of expressing who you are and what you enjoy.

Pick or Drop– I’ll pick

Scam #4 | Incompetent Adults~

We do have our share of incompetent adults in the real world, but there are also competent ones too. Not every person over the age of twenty has to be evil or incompetent.

Ah yes, this is a bit overused. Not directed at anybody I know, or anybody personally- cause I’m happy to have met nice, caring adults- more than half the adults in the world don’t deserve to be adults- both in reality and in fiction-

An adult is supposed to be a caring or helpful person, while being a tad bit vulnerable. Half the adults of this world lay at the extremes and act like 5 year olds, and yet expect us to respect them. But reading about them and witnessing it first hand is funny as well so~

Pick or Dropcues dry laughter I’ll drop

Scam #5 | Popular and Rich Kids~

The popular/rich kids are always the villains. Can a popular kid be a bully, or stuck up? Yes. I’ve experienced my share of those in real life. Does that mean every kid who is popular is bad?

No. I’ve met popular kids who are bullies, but I’ve also met popular kids who’ve turned out to be really likeable, cool, and interesting.

The last sentence is ME.

kidding, I agree with this SO MUCH. Not all of us are mean, and not all of us do bad things, and not all of us are stuck up. Actually I find the outcasts to be more stuck up than the popular kids at times. Popular kids are always made the villians, and the hate they get is never justified. People are outcasts for reasons, and even the popular kids were once outcasts.

Not all popular kids need to be bad, and not all outcasts need to be good. And vice-versa.

Pick or Drop– I’ll pick~

Top 3 Comments of The Relavation

This is the last and final section of Episode #1. Here displayed are my favourite 3 comments from that post- basically comments I really liked~


” You make good, solid arguments. However with almost all of your points you state, “yes this happens but not ALL of the time”. Whilst I agree with you that it can become tiresome, if the author wants to focus on that particular trope, they are by all means entitled to.”


” I have to disagree with 7. Incompetent adults are just too funny and relatable, especially to teens but also to adults.


” To add to that from a boy’s perspective:

– Most stories consist of either one boy protagonist or a group of boys with one (!) singular girl with the trademark characteristic “girl”

– Fat boy has no friends because of course that’s what we need to teach children

– Protagonist crushes on a beautiful girl despite not knowing her and the book inevitably leads to him winning her through the story resolution and being “awesome”

– Justification of explicit bullying or hurting as a good form of revenge against bullies / popular kids”

Honourable Mention:

A girl doesn’t always have to get a guy.

True. She could get a girl instead.

Brain cells? None left.

Wig? Snatched.

asic? Clown.

Hotel? Trivago.

Episode #2 will be out next week~ In the meantime, feel free to drop your scams in the comments below! Don’t hestitate to think, just drop all your scams, and frustrations and we’ll get to them in the next episode~

asic signing off,

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25 thoughts on “Scam Of The Century Ep #1 | Teen Cliches

  1. Ohhhh this is so true!!!!😂😂😂😂 and at this point, it is all cliche max pro!!!! The other “I am not that type of girl” is the nerdy girl, she will have spectacles, will read a book every time and anytime, thinks she is not beautiful enough, a hot girl will mess with her but ultimately the boyfriend of the hot girl started loving the nerd and all she did was to remove her spectacle 🙈🙈😂😂😂
    And I certainly agree with all your points

    Liked by 5 people

    1. YES, YES YES– this is so trueee- this happens in every single book, every single fanfic i read- it’s so annoyingg. People keep using insecurity as a way to just make the male lead fall for the female leadd- it’s so funnyyy
      YES, it’s definitely a cliche max pro!!!!

      Liked by 2 people

  2. Haha, the Hotel Trivago joke never gets old 😂😂
    Have to agree with the girl not necessarily getting they guy, and the whole “I’m not like other girls” shtick. The latter one is rather too annoying and super cliche.

    Liked by 1 person

    School Fights have become old in 2021…like seriously a boy and girl will fight over lunch and the boy will mess her hair and between all these fights they will get close and start dating…like WOW!!
    Hotel.Trivago was LIT!!
    Yeah, the protagonist sees a beautiful girl from a distance and falls for her and we know at the end he will have her for sure…that’s fixed!!
    In most of the books there is a nerd girl who gets bullied by RICH/POPULAR GIRLS and the hearthrob will fall for her and the girls who have a crush on him will make her life hell….I mean that’s classic!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL- school fights are so funny pls, most of the time people fighting is just—-
      Yes, somehow from fighting people start dating and that becomes the Scam Of The Centuryyy
      Hotel trivago is just superiorr
      The protagonist goes ahead and picks a girl who’s three countries away and then somehow ends up with her and marries her, and how that happened will remain a mystery!!
      YES- the popular kid getting ghosted, the outcast getting laid is such a classic!! It’s so funny lolol

      Liked by 1 person

  4. I loved this post!!!!! Agree with everything, school fights are so cringey, and tomboys aren’t always ‘not like other girls’ (heck I’m a tomboy) and THE GIRL DOESNT ALWAYS HAVE TO GET THE GUY!!!! Still waiting for someone who starts the story single and stays single and awesome all the way! (I love cutesy couples but single people exist as well hello that’s me again) Hmm there are a lot of stories with a group of guys and only one girl. Why can’t we have it the other way around??


    1. YES YES we need more stories with 1 guy and 100 girls- that woild be sooo funn. Single people like us are always ignored in books smh. Cutesy couples are cute but after sometime I just feel third wheeled by them lolol. I used to love being a tomboy- life was fun then lol. Your comment made my day, its so nice to see someone share the same feelings about this as me<3

      Liked by 1 person

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