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(1) Link back to the original (Sophie @ Me and Ink) so she can see your answers and listen to the tunes.
(2) For every prompt you choose to do, name 1-5 songs (you can use Sophie’s graphics).
(3) Have fun and play your music LOUD!

PS: I absolutely love the featured image I made; idk why- it looks so good!!

insert a little bit of self-praise here

I was tagged by the ever so artistic and aesthetic Introverted Thoughts and I’m so excited to do this tag!!

Home Town Glory

-the songs that remind you of home

Comfort Crowd by Conan Gray– it’s the absolute comfort song.

Jamais Vu by BTS- Jamais vu is the experience of being unfamiliar with a person or situation that is actually very familiar. This is a relatable experience, it’s one of those “eureka” moments- that frustrating feeling when you absolutely forget everything, and you know you shouldn’t laugh at it, but you end up laughing anyway- that’s why this song reminds me of home.

At home, no matter what I do, no matter how lonely I feel, no matter how happy I feel, no matter whatever I feel; I’ll always end up coming back there, I’ll always end up coming back home.

And that’s why Jamais Vu regains it’s spot as one of BTS’s best b-sides.😌

It’s a Love Story

~your favourite songs about love~

Love Story by Taylor Swift

” See the lights, see the party, the ball gowns// See you make your way through the crowd// And say “Hello”// Little did I know”

Perfect by Ed Sheeran- When she listened to this song, it was obvious that Sheeran (bad pun, please forgive me haha). This song has to be played during my wedding, otherwise idk what my life means.

Sugar by Maroon 5– We were talking about weddings right? Well, in the music video for this song, Maroon 5 crash all their fans’ weddings and then serenade them with this song!!!!

It’s so romantic and so pure and so wholesome!

Shut Up and Dance

Just Dance by BTS– This song was made to be danced!!! This has such a nice hype, and J-hope executes all those moves so well!

Mentioning only that one song because after seeing that gif, I need to take a quick break lol.

If this was a movie

~favourite songs from movies/tv/broadway~

Euphoria by BTS– this song isn’t technically a soundtrack, but it was played in the finale of HBO’s Euphoria, so I guess it counts? Anyways, it’s such a good song, and we have Jungkook flexing his vocals for 3 minutes and 48 seconds straight.

The Plan by Travis Scott- This song is the theme song aka the soundtrack of this motion picture called “TENET”. I absolutely love this song and it’s so unique.

I love the lyrics too, and the entire vibe of this song makes me feel like I’m a mafia who’s running away in a motion picture.

I have a whole playlist dedicated to those types of songs tbh, but I’m still working on the playlist, so I’ll release the playlist after it’s done 🙂

Comfort crowd

~songs that make you feel calm~

Villian by K/DA– This song isn’t really calm as such (none of the songs for this section are calm lmfao), but it really puts me in the right state of mind, and gives me clarity. This is my favourite K/DA song, and this song got me into K/DA.

The music video for this song has been executed so damn well, and both the video and the song give me goosebumps

(I get goosebumps so easily lol).

Sunshine by Stray Kids– This was the first Stray Kids song I ever listened to, and this song made me a Stay. I have really fond memories to this song, and this song helped me get through some of the worst, the most disgusting moments of my short life lol.

I associate this song with stepping out of the darkness and stepping into the Sunshine.

The lyrical content of this song is so, very comforting and motivating at the same time.

I listen to this song at least once every day, and if had to make a “Playlist of my Life”, this song would definitely be on it. I have so much respect for Stray Kids for creating this song, and I’m just forever grateful to them for making this song.

If this song never existed, IDK where I’d be now.

This song calms my entire head down, and makes me feel like the happiest person ever<3

“The boring stories from my head wash away// After the fight in my head// Now sit in a very peaceful paradise// And come out to tell me a secret// I smile a little while answering questions// I’ve never known before”

“Everything around you is in slow mode// Everything is quiet// My worries blow up// Leave it all to the wind// Now I’ll do it yeah”

Always remember us this way

~songs that remind you of your childhood~

Midnight Memories by One Direction– TBH every 1D song reminds me of my childhood. This song is my favourite 1 Direction song. This song, the music video, the memories- they all take me back to my childhood XD.

I love this song so much, you should go listen to it!

Riptide by Vance Joy– Well not the exact song itself, but this cover!! This cover was so iconic, and this song was so stuck in my 9-year head. This song’s chorus is so catchy and I think this song really out-did itself.

It’s such an old timer, and this song never fails to make my ears go red lol.

Let’s Get Down To Business

~songs that motivate you~

New Rules by TXT

“The escalators become slides// If they tell me not to lean on it, I’ll lean // Trouble, trouble let me go// I break my transparent shackles// Remake all the rules // Trouble, trouble let me go // I’m troublemaker let me go

Easy by Stray Kids-

This is my favourite rap song of Stray Kids, and this song, everything about it, the lyrics are just pure motivation!!

“Your flaunting is nothing but an empty bragging
Why are you so scared?
This brave loser will turn the table
Let’s up the stakes as you wanted
Or do it my way and change it all ”

Whatever It Takes by Imagine Dragons-

” Looking at my years like a martyrdom// Everybody needs to be a part of ’em //Never be enough, I’m the prodigal son// I was born to run, I was born for this”

Old Town Road

~songs from the past(like really old ones) that you love

Hmmm, I don’t listen to old songs at all… I hope that’s ok hehe.

nervous laughter

D-Does Eminem count?…

Cry with you

-songs to make you cry and cry~

cues emotions

So Far Away– It’s a song by AgustD (aka suga of BTS).

It’s about the struggles of living, about not being able to do what you want to do, the dangers of being trapped, the temptations that keep knocking at your door, the fact that life is not always fair, the fact that it’s okay to be down in the dumps- the fact that accepting all of these facts, and other heartbreaking ones is okay.

It’s the ultimate 12 AM crying song.

Everything I wanted by Billie Eilish– This song revolves around a nightmare in which she committed suicide and then experienced all her friends and fans turning their backs on her, and leaving her to rot.

The other part of the lyrics also show appreciation and respect for her brother, who acts as her support system during these types of nightmares and problems.

It’s a really good song, and I found myself shedding ONE tear xD

I think I’m in love

-your latest musical obsessions

Sweet Lies by EXO– This song is such a sweet lie, it’s such a chill song. The lyrics are toxic, and I love it!!

“The sweetest lie in the world baby//I tell her sweet lies, sweet lies”

White Tee by Corpse- I like this song because it has such a good hype. It’s such an IDGAF song, and I’m the king of the world, and I’ll step on all of you type of song.

Everytime I listen to any song of Corpse- I get goosebumps.

So it should be no surprise that I like this song lol.

Back to you by R3HAB and Sakima– If this song was a colour, it would be orange. This is the perfect example of a hangover song- basically listen to this every time you have a hangover, or are extremely drunk.

I get drunk on Fanta.

Anyways, moving on..

Writer in the dark

-~favourite lyrics from songs~

Everything has Changed by Taylor Swift– If we’re talking about top-notch lyrical content, then I absolutely have to mention Taylor Swift. Her lyrical content is so satisfying and it amazes me to listen to her songs.

This was the first Taylor Swift song, the first pop song I’d ever listened to.

“Come back and tell me why// I’m feelin’ like I’ve missed you all this time //And meet me there tonight // And let me know that it’s not all in my mind”

“All I know is we said, “Hello”// Your eyes look like comin’ home// All I know is a simple name // And everything has changed”

Eight by IU Prod. and Ft Suga of BTS– It’s a heart wrenching song, and I’ve had it on repeat for such a long time. I can never seem to stop listening to this, or stop listening to the lyrics.

It deals with loss, and deaths, and IU’s personal life.

As a big fan of IU, I really like this song a lot, and I hope that she’s able to go through all of her hardships and come back stronger.

“Everyone comes as they please and leaves without waving goodbye// I don’t want to love anyone if things go like this // I travel through memories that // Have become old and worn out”

“Saying goodbye is like a disaster alert// I miss you when the morning comes// Let’s both pass this aeon// We’ll surely meet on this island once more”

Sign of the times

~song in the charts that you love~

Billionaire by Travie McCoy and Bruno Mars– I’d never heard of the song before, although I did know more than a normal amount of Bruno Mars’s songs.

I stumbled upon this song when I saw Mark and Haechan of NCT cover it, and I was officially addicted to it.

It’s such a vibey song, and I’m really grateful to Markhyuck for introducing me to it.

They were absolutely adorable covering it, and they did so much justice to the song, So I thought I should also do justice to this song by mentioning it here!!

Darkside By Alan Walker- I feel like this is such a Capricorn song, and as a Capricorn myself, I’m more than happy to do justice to this!!

This song is so evil yet sweet, so tempting yet stay-away type of vibes- it’s so unique and exotic, I love it so much!!

More than a memory

~songs you have specific memories attached to~

Enemies by Lauv- “I thought we said we’re good// Was I misunderstood?// You lookin’ at me so cold
After all that we’ve been through// How could you pretend
I’m someone that you don’t know?”

I loved you by DAY6– This song got me into DAY6. It reminds of my infatuation with this guy in my school. It’s quite embarrassing now that I think of it lol. But at that time, I was so confident that I was in love, and maybe I was in love lol.

The good (and sensible) thing is that I’m over him now xDD.

This song also made me fall in love with Jae of DAY6 lol, so there’s that.

he’s so cute uwu, just like an eagle lol

Sing to me instead

~those songs you have to sing to~

Maniac by Conan Gray– This is such a rock-and-roll song and I love the vibes of it. I like such explosive songs a lot lol.

Sweet Chaos by DAY6– This is one of the best DAY6 songs ever. This song is so explosive, and this song in itself is such a sweet chaos lol. Jae ate up this song- he killed it!!

“My sandcastle// Has met your wave// It’s starting to break down// What do I do?// Help me

Because of you, I’m losing control”

I wasn’t expecting that

~songs you didn’t expect to love, but you do~

Tempo by EXO– I never liked this song, I’d listened to it a few times but that was about it. But then, I listened to it again, and I was hooked!! I’d never listened to something like this before.

The whole tune, the whole song, the music video, the voices.

The whole 3 minutes and 44 seconds of this song was something in between rap and a church sermon, and it was really my type of song. I love Tempo so much now, and it’s officially my 3rd favourite EXO song

( Overdose is #1, and Love Shot is #2 because Love shot introduced me to EXO).

Just My Type by The Vamps– This song popped up on auto play on a rainy day while I was getting some studying done. After 1 Direction, I barely gave any attention to other boy bands (which weren’t kpop).

But this song totally changed that.

I loved this song so much, and that day, I’d listened to all of the Vamps’ discography and I was a Vampette!!(the Vamps’ fandom name, so cute lol)

Favourite record

~name the albums you couldn’t live without~

Blonde by Frank Ocean– This is hands down, the best album I’ve ever listened to. I love the musicality, the messages, the songs, the vibe, the concept- I love this album so much. Solo, Ivy and Chanel are my favourite songs off the album.

This album is so iconic and so legendary, like it’s just so mind blowing.

Reputation by Taylor Swift- This album is IT. This album is so essential, this album is bold, so iconic, so, so ICONIC. Taylor Swift is such a wonderful person, such a wonderful human being for releasing this album.

This is the comeback every artist should aspire to have.

After the media tore her down, when everyone was after her, when people attacked her, she deleted all of her tweets and revamped all of the social media and made the ultimate comeback, TAYLOR SWIFT DID IT.

Wings by BTS- This and Map of The Soul:7, are my favourite BTS albums. This comeback was so wonderfully, so precisely executed.

This era of BTS was so iconic, so bold and velvet. This marked the beginning of BTS tearing down all the stereotypes people had of them, this marked BTS’s entrance to world-wide fame, this was what catapulted BTS into the Western Music Industry as a Breakthrough artist.

The trailers, the concept videos, the solos, the choreography, the styling, the music video, the album cover, the live version, Blood Sweat Tears-

Jungkook’s iconic grinding, Suga’s iconic camera stare and THAT fan cam, Jin’s painfully raw high notes in Awake, Jimin’s solo “Lie” which was an invitation to the devil, V’s coloured contacts, J-hope’s overflowing confidence, RM’s perfect and iconic rap lines, I-

This era is the best of it’s kind, this era isn’t kpop, it’s pure btspop. And no, I don’t take constructive criticism.

Video Games

~name your favourite music videos~

this is only k-pop music videos because I don’t like the other music videos- the cinematography is a bit bland xD

Psycho by Red Velvet

Jopping by SuperM

Boy With Luv by BTS

Turn Back Time by Wayv

Love Shot by EXO

Can’t you see my by TXT

There’s so many others too, but I’ll cover that in a whole new post later xD

I tag..

I’ve made so many new friends in this month, so I’m quite in a sticky situation here xDD.

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5. iridescent– unique posts, and unique content, so you get to do a unique tag as well<3

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42 thoughts on “🎶 The Me and Music Tag

  1. ooh, awesome tag! Music, is so lovely, I swear. And Love Story (TS) is such a perfect love song. Oh and by any chance, are you a December born Capricorn?? Also, reputation is soooo awesome! Like evermore and folklore are good, but fearless and reputation are like also good. And Maniac is such a cool song *We had magic, but you made it tragic*
    Ah, awesome post!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. hiiiiiii!!!!!!!! music is single-handedly one of the best things to ever happen to this world hehe…

      i’m a jan capricorn lol, my birthday is a little near the end date of capricorn!! Reputation has the best reputation ever. Fearless was so iconic omggg, Maniac is so wow, like it was the first conan gray song I ever listened to, and it was at that time, I knew I had to stan xDD

      tyy, you make such great posts too<3

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    2. I totally agree!!!…Love Story (TS) is evergreen!!!*It’s a love story baby just say yes..*
      Reputation is a smash I bet….especially Delicate always rules my playlist!!
      This comment makes me assume..that you are a swiftie..are you?

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ayyy we’re all swifties in this household hehe!! Delicate is such a playlist ruiner, it was one for my favourite songs, and the music video is so wonderfully directed!! Love story is so wow<3

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  2. Awesome post Asic!!!!
    I loved this tag!!!!!!
    Music brought me here from my hiatus LOL
    Map of The Soul:7 is iconic….truly iconic!!
    Boy With Luv!!!!
    Jamias Vu is close to my heart…it’s just AMAZING!!
    You’ve got good musical taste,I see

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ah yes, I have top-notch music taste.. this tag was so fun (can’t wait to to do more xD), and yes, music can bring anyone and everyone from hiatus :DD, i hope your exams are going well!! mine don’t start till March i think.. Jamais Vu is such a deep song *insert that lady gaga meme*, also MOTS:7 was one of the most iconic things ever!!

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      1. My exams have not started yet…but it will start very soon…*fighting*
        All the best for your exams!!!*inserts Suga’s GIF*
        I agree!!!

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  3. My little sis and all my friends are crazy about BTS😂 I like almost every Taylor swift song I can’t choose any. And yes, Perfect is the best love song out there!! I really enjoyed reading this😊

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