The deep-rooted and exotic lyrics of Louder Than Bombs by BTS

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Louder Than Bombs

If louder than Bombs was a colour- it’d be Indigo. Indigo conveys integrity and deep sincerity. That’s exactly what Louder Than Bombs does; it throws the truth to your face, and acknowledges it; while not giving up and praying for better days.

Louder than Bombs is an exotic, exotic song.

I’ll never stop saying that. It’s got such an exotic, and “I don’t follow the crowd” type of vibe.

It’s such a powerful, such an impactful song with such meaningful and deep-rooted lyrics.This song is such a stand-out.

Louder than Bombs at first listen has a very exotic and vague feeling to it. The lyrics talk about harbouring a deep depression, a deep sadness- the type of sadness that keeps you up at night, the type when you get people rapping,” Don’t you give up your life.” This song is dark, but that’s not all it is.

This song is strangely motivational, it talks about standing up for oneself. Knowing that where success lies, the shadow and darkness are sure to follow. They pray for better days, they harbour hope that one day, after everything has finally settled down- they’ll be able to finally experience bliss and peace of mind.

The song elevates itself a step ahead by acknowledging the fact that darkness exists everywhere, and even if the night swallows you up, you emerge from the ashes, and re-build once again. The song seems to acknowledge the fact that that this deep sadness, has harboured from the environments they’ve been put in. This has not been said as an excuse, it’s condemning fact.

I noticed that there’s this common theme, between the songs Interlude: Shadow and Louder than Bombs, it’s the existance of the lyric “Yea, we picked this game”. The lyric’s appears in a different form in Interlude: Shadow, but the basic message remains the same.

I spent some time contemplating about the title of this song, and why it was named that way. After reading an annotation from Genius, I came to the conclusion that the title of this song represents the two sides of a bomb-success and pain. It’s also possible that this song talks about how loud the bombs of both success and pain are- equally loud, but they both have different repercussions and side-effects.

The deep pain, the sadness nobody else can relate to has been deemed as hypocrisy by everybody else, people feel envious and jealous, but do they really take some time to stop and think about all that has been done to actually get there?

Louder than Bombs doesn’t impose itself upon you and neither does it ask for an answers.

It encourages you to fight and accept your shadow and the darker sides of you, while staying true to yourself.

It accepts things as they are, while still holding on hope for the fact that one day, things will work out for the best.

This song kicks you and gives you the feels, and then Suga comes in with his rap and boxes the fear and hypocrisy out of you.

lyric translations from Genius!

asic signing off,

I tried my best to write this post, and this song means wayy too much to me than it actually should. It’s such a deep, truthful and seductive yet heartfelt song. Basically a masterpiece.

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6 thoughts on “The deep-rooted and exotic lyrics of Louder Than Bombs by BTS

  1. Anything about BTS, I’ll love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Though I haven’t heard this song, I know it’ll be awesome, because..well, it’s BTS ;D
    Cool post!

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  2. Such a great series!! If the words are from bangtan then I can blindly say that it’s about motivation and self love which is what we need the most nowadays 💜
    The whole album is such a Bob but I love and admire this song particularly!! Every time I hear it, It makes me feel better!!

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