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call me a simp but Paddy’s transformation was just so sexy, like help?

hi peeps. today’s a tuesday and the day’s been so good, I’ve never had days go by this well and I think this has partly to do with the fact that I finished reading Ghost Theatre today!!

This is such a mind-blowing webtoon and just like the usual- I’m in love with 2 other fictional character’s I’ll never ever meet in my life. Caron is just so brave and so cool and so heroic and Paddy is like so small and cut, but when the transformation kicks in, you’ll never be the same.

Paddy’s transformation- omg, I need to make a post about that later. Actually I might as well just write a whole book about Paddy and Caron.

Alright, let’s get with the post-

The Plot

The shock of a tragic accident leaves talented actress Rahee Ku unable to make facial expressions. Her acting career seems hopeless… until she discovers the mysterious Ghost Theater.


The plot is so intricate and all the research done is really just wow. Every time the theatre staged something, all the folklore research and then the plot planning based on it, was just so mind-blowing. It’s so hard to write this post without like, actually giving out spoilers.

Every single client who entered the theatre, all of them had such soul wrenching back-stories, and when one of them almost turned Rahee into a villian for her own good- that hit hard. The stories are just so unique yet it makes sense that it could have happened.

On one hand, you’re mindblown that such backstories are actually capable of happening and then on the other hand you’re just dumbstruck, like how could someone be so stupid?

Thoughts on the Characters

The entire story, all the plays and the visitors/clients who enter the theatre- all their stories and their souls that enter Nirvana, coupled with those that don’t- once the story ends and you think about it- it all adds up.

As for the main lead, Rahee was such a strong protragonist- and her poker face was so spot on~ She could have easily gone into the gambling industry instead of acting lol.

I liked how she had such a stubborn streak, she wanted to be known for her acting, not for the fact that her dad was the Chairman. It was refreshing to see a slightly bratty yet I-know-what-I-want type of protragonist in this series.

The backstories of the character’s are especially tragic and it was interesting to find out how all of them connected in the end. Plus all the art was just so well made, and the attention to detail was just so prominent. The style of drawing and the style by which everything was conveyed was just WOW.

The webtoon also had a female Hades- which was lovely to see. I liked the way Hades was portrayed, unlike other Greek stuff that portray Hades as a souless, lonely, no-fun, male- this Hades ripped apart all the stereotypes and stood her ground. I liked how she might have been made to look like the villain for like 15 seconds, but the tables turned and Hades was a better sport than what you’d think.

The plot, especially the webtoon description might seem a bit cliched or something that’s been done before, but Ghost Theatre stands in a league of it’s own.

If you like drama, and tragedy with open bittersweet endings, then Ghost Theatre is the one for you!

The amazing story-telling, the filling dialogues, the fast pace of the story- it’s short and sweet, and if you’re new to webtoons and are looking for something that rips your soul apart- then go read Ghost Theatre.

 The message the webtoon conveys, despite it’s short length is strong and firm, and like someone on goodreads said, the webtoon converys this: To prioritize love and loyalty rather than keeping hatred and vengeance deep in your heart and nourishing an eternal wound.

It’s not always nice to keep wanting to take revenge, but at the same time loving someone so much that you get blinded by the lights(literally) and don’t realise that you’re suffocating them- that can be just as dangerous, if not more.

In the webtoon, it made the person kill themselves(spoiler please forget this lolol). Basically this means to just keep everything, every deep emotion- love, hatred, anger- in moderation.

After all, you wouldn’t want to get on the bad side of Hades now, would you?


Rating: 5 out of 5.

Alright, that’s about it for today, idk what to write for tomorrow, so if anyone has anything they’d like me to touch up on, please write it down in the comments! Also, do go read Ghost Theatre, it’s such a good webtoon.

ALSO: Yeonjun looks so fucking stunning in that omg, wow he just made me feel feels that weren’t meant to be felt. I can’t wait to even see him strut that ramp omg wow. His face, the hair, the legs, the makeup, the dim lighting, the existence of Choi Yeonjun himself- it makes me dizzy.

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6 thoughts on “ghost theatre review

  1. Paddy killed it OK? I liked the Art very much, and as an avid fan of Lico and Ghostagram, Ghost Theatre definitely did not disappoint. I recommend Refund High School and Save me. I did not like Rahee at first and thought she was just too mean, but I warmed up to her later. Great review, very co-hesive!

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    1. lol tysm, i worked hard to write this review xd. Ah I’ll read refund high later, and save me is that bts webtoon right? I remember seeing so many fan theories about it, my head legit exploded lmfao. I’ll read them soon, i’m currently going to read stalker X stalker- i’ve heard good reviews about it lol.

      Paddy is definitely wow, and Caron too, I mean Caron is a different breed of wow

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