things i learnt from “to all the boys ive loved before”

peeps, you can read a review for the movie here.

Today’s a Monday and I’m not very happy about that. I’d written the outline of this post a while ago, specifically around when the trailer for Always and Forever came out. I’m planning to start a full fledged “Top-5” series soon, so I’m basically just posting stuff I’d written a while back.

Currently, I’m reading “Ghost Theatre” on webtoon and it’s such a good webtoon. I feel like I say the same thing every time I talk about a webtoon lmfao. The webtoon’s already completed so I’m like years back talking about this but better late than never😌.

Actually this post is going to be more of me talking about my life and the “cool” things happening to me, than what I actually learnt from the books because it’s been quite a while since I even read it.

I’m currently reading the book- “The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck”(and ghost theatre obviously) so I’ll get back to all the boys I love before by this month!

I feel like the cover of the first book is just so lovely, and the pretty pink aesthetic coupled with chic-looking Lara Jean really compelled me to buy the book. I mean I’d heard about it before but I’d never bothered to read it. But then while strolling the local bookstore, I decided that the cover was just too pretty for me to not buy it. And what’s the big deal?

If the book sucked and had attrocious grammar, I could at least stare at the cover lol.

And yes, I will almost always use Suga aka Agustd aka Min Yoongi aka Father Louis Williams Suga Adams the 3rd’s gifs🙂

I mean he is my ultimate bias and no other person(except the occasional Jungkook) will ever be able to compare. Suga is sarcastic and funny, the rest of you men are not. But like, I like BTS so much tbh, but that’s a conversation for another day.

Now onto the post..

A few things I learnt during the series were:

Genevieve is a bitch

This actually kept changing because girl had her own backstory as well, and I’m a bit of a sucker for bad girls too. After a while it gets a bit tiring to have only weak, docile girls as protagonists. I mean, after the series progressed, her mean girl persona soon faded away for a bit and she started showing a bit of her own emotions- so I guess she wasn’t that bad of a person also.

But you know what they say, first impressions matter😌.

“Once a Song girl, always a Song girl”

I had mixed thoughts about this, but I guess devotion does pay off in the end. Lara Jean is inherently very proud of being a Song girl and rightfully so. So I guess it pays to stay true to your roots and take pride in where you come from. I feel her devotion and her level dedication is so high that she’s willing to drop it all just to help her family out. I think that’s it’s a very noble and self-less quality to have.

Cheers to Lara Jean!

Josh Sanderson….

I mean at first I really took to him as Lara’s situation with him reminded me quite well of my past- we tend to like people who only see us as friends or little sisters. And that sucks sometimes, especially when the person you like looks so good, he could melt an ice cream just by standing next to it.

Josh, who I also liked at first, can be a bit of a dick. I find his behaviour at the end of the book, a bit appaling yet it coincides perfectly with a plot. I mean, with a person like Josh who’s so respectful and mindful of people’s boundaries- you wouldn’t expect him to force a kiss on a girl now, would you?

Well, I guess people have their own flaws..

Never keep your letters in a hatbox

I mean, why would you? Unless you’re waiting for them to be leaked and the entire neighbourhood gets to know about that one time you liked that enderearingly cute guy with a dimple on his left cheek? Unless you want the neighbours to know about that, I’d suggest you not keep your letters in a hatbox. If I were you, I wouldn’t even write letters in the first place.

that’s Jin!! the oldest and the one with the best dad jokes!

Always have a contract

Always have a contract- a written one at that! It’s important to know what both parties are going to abide by and what little they both can contribute to the funda.

I say you always keep contracts- it also makes it easier for you to black mail your friends when the opportunity arises:)

Anyways, that’s about it for today! I’m planning to post daily from today, but we’ll see how that goes lolol.

asic signing off,

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