To all the boys, Always and Forever..

I also wrote a review about the trailer of this movie, you can go read it here!

Anyways, today’s a Saturday and tomorrow’s Valentine’s day which means my single ass has another post coming up!

Let’s geddit!


Is important in relationships, Trust is hardcore, without trust, your partner would most likely be carried away by a big bird, and unless you want that to happen, trust them.

This is exactly what’s conveyed in “To all the boys, Always and Forever: The movie”. It’s about trust and love and hope and fighting problems and Lara not letting Peter get carried away by a big bird and vice versa.

It’s also about having such a relationship that neither of you hold each other back. The movie definitely is a bit of a cliche but it’s a good type of cliche.

It’s the type of cliche that you don’t mind it being a cliche- the good times, the sad times and despite the pain and the process- everyone gets a happy ending.

It’s a perfect Valentine’s day watch, especially if you’re single- it can give you a bit of an insight into how relationships actually work- how the relationships that last, work.

This movie is basically about Lara Jean getting accepted into a college far away from Peter’s. They wouldn’t be able to see each other everyday, unlike what they’d first envisioned and it’s clear the both of them think that the separation would get to them, signalling the end of their relationship.

This movie is made for the Internet Generation.

The entire series is something people can relate to- getting embarrassed by your boyfriend’s ex who’s so clearly jealous of you, parent issues, school issues, your boyfriend’s issues, your sister issues, your issues- no matter how tiny all these problems may seem compared to the big plot- it all adds up.

It’s all relatable and it’s all happening in the blink of an eye- this just makes the movie 2X exciting.

  • The final film Always and Forever serves the Internet generation. Like a conventional high school rom-com, it has a damsel in distress, a charmingly protective boyfriend, fears of separation and a flashy prom. Yet it manages to be refreshing and enjoyable.

This movie is a successful example of how you can make cliche’s work, both by defying them and by abiding by them.

All of Lara and Peter’s decisions are doable, you yourself would have made the same decisions if you were in their shoes. The aesthetic of the movie is also something to talk about- it’s a classic Lara Jean aesthetic- pink and blue and yellow and green: the aesthetic of the movie also makes you want to stay. It also has a satisfying ending

With this, if you are on the lookout for a cute, slightly cliched rom-com that might make you cry a little bit- To All The Boys Always and Forever is the perfect movie for you.

My Rating:

Rating: 4 out of 5.


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5 thoughts on “To all the boys, Always and Forever..

  1. I always think the main reason why people liked it was because of the relatability of the movies- it did a good job of sending everyone off and chucking the side characters out. They also wrote most of the lines as things that actual people would say, and these two things are big parts of movies that Netflix really seems to struggle with.


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