#killstagram: webtoon review

how could killstagram end like that??

Hi peeps. Today’s a Monday, and I had a holiday from school- I think there’s some inaugration thing going on, and we had to submit some sort of letter(?) I think to be able to go, and me, not wanting to pass up a chill, no-teacher-shouting day, didn’t submit the letter, and so, HERE I AM!

I think you’ll understand this review better if you read the webtoon, but if you haven’t read it, then all I do in this post is give out spoilers. I mean, by this post you’ll probably get a vague idea of what the webtoon’s about, and if it appeals to you, maybe you can go ahead and read it.

see what I did there?!

So, what exactly is #Killstagram?

Remi Do has everything — she’s super pretty, has the best brand sponsorships on social media, and gets 10,000 likes within seconds of posting a selfie. Oh, and she also has a serial-killing stalker following her every move.

from webtoon

#Killstagram’s basically about a social media star- Remi Do, who has a serial killing stalker who follows her every move. But the story isn’t this simple at all, it’s spins you around in circles, throws you over and smacks you in the face. And after all of that’s done, it pinches you and leaves you to rot in the ground.

In short, I really liked it.


I really tend to like gore, horror, crime and things like that. #Killstagram’s artwork is unique, and the blood/horror sketches, are gore enough to scare anyone looking for THAT quick scare. In fact, I’d go as far to say that it’s good enough to give you goosebumps. I know I got goosebumps by just reading it. The attention to detail in this webtoon especially, is just so accurate and on point.

Backstory and Plot

I finished reading the webtoon around last week, all the episodes in one go and I felt like and the whole plot was just so well planned- even though all they do is go around in circles.

Plot-wise, there was just so much suffering, I don’t know if the ending #Killstagram got even makes sense.

So all the characters just kill themselves, but then what happens to jia? How could they just die like that? The characters keep blaming either themselves or the wrong people.

tsk tsk.

Doha/Doyeon shouldn’t have blamed Remi and Remi shouldn’t have blamed Doha either. It’s honestly all the doctor’s fault- forcing the plastic surgery to get rushed, and putting Remi as the highlight of the chaos that erupted when the surgery went haywire?

You rushed the surgery, how could it not go haywire? lol

But the last straw arrives when the series already ends before his disgusting actions could be bought to light and it turns out, all the main characters have died. Maybe there’s a season 2 and if there is, I will definitely read it.

Everyone in the comments of the webtoon is speculating that there might be a Season 2, and if there is, then hopefully we get the doctor to suffer and face the consequences of his actions. Overall its such a good Webtoon, like GO READ IT.

It’s intriguing and traumatic with plot twists at every turn with a basic female lead who cannot ever think for herself. About the female lead, I was really disappointed. Why are all webtoons like this? Why can’t we have a lady who can actually think and move and work better than the rest of the crew? Why do we keep getting male masterminds? I mean, she’s a social media star in the webtoon so I don’t expect much, but a little brain would be nice, no? I liked the plot, and it broke quite a few mainstream cliches, so I’m not particularly angry about this lol.

Leaving the sarcasm aside for a moment, I genuinely liked the webtoon, but I didn’t like the way the story actually turned out. I mean for a webtoon, it was actually pretty short. When a webtoon’s like 140-130 episodes long, it turns me off. Unless the story’s THAT good or I have an enormous amount of time on my hands (I don’t have a lot of time for reading tbh), I will not read really long stuff.

Like an intellectual in the comments section said, everyone in the webtoon either falls into 3 categories: jerk, idiot or misunderstood.

The creator really knows how to hook people to the story. The first few episodes were wow, and like the pace of the webtoon was just so rapid, you had absolutely no choice but to read it like that. There are so many plot holes and plot twists, and it can be irritating for some, but I somehow liked it.

Also I liked how the webtoon writer put a suicide life-life in one of the posts, and also bought about transgender rights and stuff like that. The gender transformation is actually so pivotal to the series, and it makes the story make more sense(if that makes sense lol).

It was so intense, and the emptiness and lack of justice and rational thinking really adds up to the overall feel.

Overall this webtoon has hits hard, and I was in my feels for a whole ass fifteen minutes- that’s like the longest amount of time anything has ever impacted me.

rating: 9.5/10 (0.5 less because the original stalker/blue flower guy died.)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

That was about it for today, and as you all are hyperaware of, Valentine’s day is on the 14th and not like I’m confessing or anything, a few of the upcoming posts are all going to be about love/singles/doubles and mushy stuff.

Not really mushy, but a few posts like, “Single memes”, and “Types of romantics” and stuff like that. I don’t have anything interesting going on (maybe I do? but unless I reach 100, you’re never going to know xD) so I’m probably going to post twice to thrice a day, I think. I think I’ve written about one mushy post in this blog. I don’t think it’s lovey-dovey as such, but still.

If you’re the type of person to read reviews, then you’re in luck. I’ve done a movie review, more like a trailer review- but it’s fun all the same.

Hope you liked that post, and a song rec is Die, My darling by Metallica (It was a cover by Metallica, Original song by the Misfits).

Pretty apt for this post, right?

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