2021 monthly wrap up: January

Welcome to my first ever monthly wrap up!

This is a bit late, and long overdue- I know. In today’s post I’ll be writing about all the things I achieved in Jan, what I’d like to achieve this Feb, songs I listened to the most, material I read and also share a few general recommendations!

Let’s start the post off on a positive note- my exams have ended!!

Like, can you believe it? This set of exams has been really easy, and it makes sense that it’s easy because it’s only for 30 marks.

What I’ve been reading-

If I’m being honest, I didn’t really read any books this month- I’ve been reading tons of blogs and webtoons. I’ve been reading articles off medium and tumblr. Speaking of webtoons, I also finished reading #Killstagram on webtoon. #Killstagram is actually a pretty good and short webtoon. Unlike longer webtoons such as True Beauty, #Killstagram has only 43 episodes- and I read all of it in just one morning. It’s mostly a thriller type of webtoon, and there’s a bit of bloodshed and profanity too- but it’s such a good and interesting read. It’s actually one of the best webtoons I’ve read. #Killstagram is such a good webtoon- you should go and read it- it’s so wow, and especially the last 6 episodes- they gave me literal goosebumps. Like, go read it!!

Review for #Killstagram is coming up soon!

What I plan to read this Feb

This feb, I plan to just read tons and tons of webtoons- Ghost Theater, Lost in translation, The girl downstairs, Lookism, Devil number 4, Lore Olympus, Down to earth, Age matters, Cursed princess club, Unordinary, The first night with the duke and prolly a few hundred more😌. Webtoons, especially when the series end perfectly, are just so satisfying! I’m also planning to read a book- maybe Think and Grow Rich? I don’t really know, I haven’t given reading books much thought since the starting of the year- I think the fact that there are so many great webtoons waiting to be read by me has stopped me from reading books lol🤭.

I’m not complaining though.

Songs and albums I listened to the most

The picture speaks for itself tbh. Agustd is one of my most played artists, so it’s not really a surprise when I saw him on the top of my list. I also just discovered Sweet Lies by EXO, which is such a masterpiece! It’s such a well produced song and D.O really stood out- I really think D.O was born to become an RnB singer lol. I liked IU’s Celebrity- the empty chorus is a choice- and she pulled it off pretty well. More than the actual song and the beats itself, I enjoyed the lyrical content waay more. I also liked Lyn Lapid’s Itsy Bitsy and Olivia Rodrigo’s Driver’s License. I didn’t like driver’s license thaat much, but the chorus was mind blowing. I also liked Sabrina Carpenter’s Skin.

yea- I’m not picking sides in their drama (more like PR stunt lol).

Goals for February

  • Hit 2K on Pinterest– I went from 1 to 1K to 1.3K to 1.4K to 1.5K(i also wrote an appreciation tweet to celebrate it) and to 1.6K, all in 2 weeks! I woke up to 1.5K today and just as I hit tweet for the appreciation post, I found out that I hit 1.6K! I’m also aiming for a 100 followers on Pinterest since I have around 77-78 there now- but followers don’t really matter as much to me, than the fact that people are actually reading the posts I write.
  • Hit 30-40 followers on WordPress– As I mentioned before, followers don’t really matter to me, but I thought it would be a good thing for my self morale if I hit around 30-40 followers on here. I’m aiming for 50 since it’s only been a few weeks since I started blogging- but if I do hit 50, then expect an appreciation post!
  • Get decent exam grades– Once again, I’m not too worried about this, since I’m sure I’ve done fairly well, but it would be nice to get better grades than usual/ maintain my streak. I like seeing all the 00’s and only red tick’s on my exam papers lol- I like that type of aesthetic very much hehe


Song’s I’d like to recommend for all of you to listen to-

  • Jekyll by EXO
  • Like I need you by Keshi
  • Chlorine by Twenty One Pilots
  • Slide by H.E.R

Webtoon’s and blogs I recommend-

  • #Killstagram
  • Ghost Theatre
  • Secret Playlist
  • And, my blog!

Anyways, I hope all of you have a nice Feb, and I’ll see you in my next post!

asic signing off,

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15 thoughts on “2021 monthly wrap up: January

  1. Ugh, my exams are this month, and I have zero motivation to give them, except the fact that I will need to pass these to get to the 12th grade! Also, Skin and drivers license are really good songs!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahh all the best then! Well I think I have my finals in March or something lol. And they’ll most likely be online, so I’m happy about that. I guess you can use the reason of getting to the 12 grade as motivation to pass your exams xD. Yes, drivers license and skin are gr8 songs, and the drama that surrounds them makes it 10X better lol.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. hehehe:) I wish you luck lol. I can relate, I have zero motivation and teachers just keep piling up work, so I’m always in a slump hehe:) All the best, I believe in you!


  2. I like your blog very much!! I see that you like BTS?Who’s your bias? I like Jimin very much. Secret Playlist is a very good webtoon and it has a great plot and amazing artwork too. Your blog is so pretty!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading<3 Yes, I like BTS a loooot. My bias would probably be Suga or Jungkook!! Jimin's such a good dancer. Ah yes, secret playlist is absolutely fantastic even though there's like only 10 episodes out lol.


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